10 Ideas for Lighting up Decking Space

As fashion life attitude was built by more and more groups, outside decking space decoration lead into amazing competitive situation. Lighting on the decking space is not necessary, but if you had request as following, you should consider to pick up the pocket and go to local supermarket.

  • Security
  • Entertainment
  • Outside dinning room or high tea table
  • Visual effect during nighttime
  • Expand outside space used time

Short to say, if your family will spend average2-3 hours during night time outside, you should consider to use lighting.

deck lighting ideas

10 Ideas For Lighting up Decking Space

Decking Lighting Location

1. Insert into the deck

It is not easy to find the corner of the decking, the light inside can be better path leading way. It is also possible to mark functional icon or simple words on the light surface.




2. Stair decking light

Stair location will hide lots of security risk without enough lighting. You can consider the light distance to choose one light one stair or one light more stairs.


stair decking light


3. Under-counter lighting

If you choose outside dinning space, then lighting beneath the counter is required.

Under counter lighting


4. Ceiling light

Ceiling light had advantage of less maintenance, besides, ceiling location will protect lighting away from bad weather.

ceiling light


5. Railing post cap and side light

This is very common decking light, it had LED or solar power supplied by around shop.

side light


6. Under rail lights

Under rail lighting will not infect whole exterior design as covering sides. It can bring certain section light as necessary.

decking lighting


Decking Lighting Type

7. Torch lights

Fill torch lights with citronella oil which had one natural insect repellent, it can help mosquitoes and other nighttime critters at bay.

torch lights


8. String Deck Lighting

String deck light will add party atmosphere, especially for big holiday celebration. Besides, it is also suitable if you had pergola in the yard.

String deck light


9. Lanterns

If you don’t have enough budget, or you only need part space lighting, lanterns can be good choose.



10. Floor lamp

Floor lamp supply varies design and ample light source. It also belong to customized decoration parts such as mark family name or pictures.

floor lamp

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