10 Tips To Soundproof Your Floors

Constant noise emanating from the floor everytime there is movement can be a nuisance. You might have baby or pet , as they move around the emerging noise may be disturbing too and putting carpets is not something you would like to do. Well there could be a solution to reduce the noise on your different types of vinyl flooring. We all want a cozy and comfortable house and as such noise reduction is a must in order to achieve this. This article will share 10 tips to reduce the amount of noise on your vinyl flooring.


What Are The Common Causes Of Noises On Vinyl Floors


Initially the way your flooring is installed can play a major role in noise reduction. This is why it is important to follow the step to step guidelines provided by the manufacturer.In most cases there is necessary to prepare the sub-floor before any installations can take place. Removing any irregularities and substances on the sub-floor is very important in curbing the issue of noise. Also, making sure you install a proper underlayment for your floors is vital. Please choose qualified vinyl flooring planks,or you can’t solve the noise problem for the source.Another thing you ought to do is regular maintenance procedures on your flooring. This involves proper cleaning using dry mops,just making sure your flooring stays clean and dry.



The first thing you want to do is ensure that you install an underlayment between the sub-floor and the vinyl flooring. Components that constitutes an underlayment includes rubber which is highly sound proof. There is a clear cut difference between vinyl floors with an underlayment and those without based on the amount of noise emitted. Now we will look into the most suitable types of underlayments that are more suitable for noise reduction.

a)Cork Underlayment

This type of underlayment provides insulation that absorbs any type of noise. In areas with high foot traffic it is advisable to install cork underlayment.

b)Rubber underlayment

Rubber underlayment is not only durable and resilient but also absorbs any form of noise on vinyl flooring. All noise impact can easily be absorbed, making it a suitable fit for areas with high foot traffic.

Factors to consider when choosing an underlayment for noise reduction
Below are some of the important factors to consider when selecting flooring underlayment for noise reduction.


Choosing a much thicker underlayment is effective enough in ensuring noise absorption.


Please note the underlayment you are installing should be compatible with flooring type. If not, you may want to refer back to your supplier for guidance.

c)Sound Transmission

The main reason for installing an unsderlayment in the first place is to do away with sound emissions on your flooring. When it comes to buying your underlayment you need to choose one with a high sound transmission class rating.

d)Moisture Resistance

There some noise damages that are caused when the floor is exposed to too much moisture. This is highly so ion bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. When choosing an underlayment you need to consider the suitable type of underlayment that will not be directly affected by moisture.



2-Carpets And Rugs


There is no harm in putting a carpet or a rug on top of your vinyl flooring. These provide some form of stability and effectively reduce the noise impact from the flooring. The impact of movement of people and furniture can be easily eradicated .
When sound waves travel through the air they may result into some echoing sound on the vinyl flooring. Carpets will trap the noise before it can be damaging to the ear.The thickness of the carpet is another important element to consider. The thicker the carpet or rug the less noise emission on the surface.

Carpets and Rugs


3-Rubber Pads


Ensuring that your furniture has some rubber pads is an important way of reducing noise impact on vinyl flooring. Every time there are some movements on the furniture, rubber pads will act as a noise barrier between the surface and the furniture. It is also important to choose rubber pads that are much thicker with a high density.These will be much better in noise reduction.

Rubber pads


4-Filling Up Gaps With Sealants


In the event that there are any gaps or little spaces left open after installation, it is important to fill them up with what is known as sealant. These gaps can act as catalysts for sound transmission and as such they need to be covered immediately to avoid the movement of noise on your flooring.

flooring gap


5-Soundproofing Mats


Another better and viable way to reduce noise transmissions  is using soundproof mats. These mats basically have layers that can prevent noise emissions. In areas with high traffic it is advisable to put these soundproof mats and ensure no to less noise emissions.

Soundproofing Mats


6-Acoustic Vinyl Flooring


This  type of flooring is well-know for it’s noise reduction features and underfoot comfort. Acoustic flooring has since been a best choice for most modern house as sound or noises can be quite a disturbing feature on the floor. Their sound absorbing characteristics makes them the best choice for vinyl flooring. In areas with high foot traffic, it is advisable to install these acoustic flooring to reduce the intensity of noise. Basically the installation procedure of either LVT or hardwood is important enough in determine the reduction of noise, We shall look deeply into that.


7- Vinyl Flooring with Padding


Except core thickness,usually we will add 1.0,1.5,2.0mm padding in the backside of flooring.It can solve the squeak problem among planks flooring.

Acoustic Vinyl Flooring


8-Prepare slipper


Most Southeast Asia countries got used to taking off the shoes before entering into home or priviate public area.That will reduce shoes especially high heels shoes noise.Please prepare slipper in the entrence,if you treat shoes noice as big touble.


9-Good relationship


Keep good habit yourself,try to control the noise especially for deep night time.Keep good relationship with your neighbor up and down your home.


10-Choose suitble flooring

General speaking,the thicker flooring can have better noise block function.China Aolong flooring can give you at mostly 11.5mm flooring choose.If you need special soundproof floor,like used in the gym,sport room,studio,you need choose rubber flooring instead of vinyl flooring.You should choose suitable flooring according to noice source.


There are many places where there is a need for sound reduction measures through the flooring. From eliminating noise from your neighbours in apartment buildings to upstairs teenage music. From reducing the sound of running children in schools and kindergartens to use in hotels, public buildings and training centers are all areas where a quieter environment is desirable.Conclusively, the noise on vinyl flooring can have a negative impact as it may result in fatigue, tress and affect even the mental health.By minimizing noise transmissions on vinyl floors, it promotes a more healthier living or working environment enhancing the quality of life for individuals.

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