20 Most Popular Deck Railing Ideas

When you finished decking part,you will find another deck railing space design. No matter for safety or visual consideration, that part can be the first impression about your yard. Let me check how many deck railing ideas can inspire you .


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 1. Wood composite deck railing

Economic series, the reason is the same if you choose WPC decking one.

Wood composite deck railing


2. Wood deck railing

Natural wood deck railing ideas will update whole out space decoration level. You can still re-paint if old railing need renovation.

Wood deck railing


3. Aluminum deck railing

Definitely perfect durable, not easy shrink or warp. Lightweight for transfer shipping and installation.

Aluminum deck railing


4. Glass deck railing

Special for better distance vision, but this series is very expensive with continuous maintenance.

Glass deck railing


5. Cable deck railing

They keep the maximum visual scene, save the material compared with same installation area.

Cable deck railing


6. Metal deck railing

Same as aluminum railing, metal railing can save lots of installation time and maintenance cost. Metal can be affordable way with supporting re-paint way.

Metal deck railing


7. Rope deck railing

Rope decking railing is the simple and DIY job. You can also choose varies design through rope material.

Rope deck railing


8. Wrought-iron deck railing

Typical retro deck railing, it brings complex pattern which can’t be replaced by others. If you are attracted, please use paint coating to protect surface.

Wrought-iron deck railing


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9. Curved deck railing

It is better to hire professional installation team. For railing panels, octagon shape or any customized railing is the biggest design fun.

Curved deck railing


10. Verticalor horizontal deck railing

Liner deck railing is the typical design to economized shipping payment, better yet, it can save railing material. But it is dangerous for family with Child.

Verticalor horizontal deck railing


11. Crossed deck railing

This design can serve as stronger railing way, crossed frame shape can prevent Children away from accidence.

Crossed deck railing


12. Mix-shape deck railing

Contrast to normal railing series, mix-shape deck railing allows biggest personal choose space.

Mix-shape deck railing


13. Chippendale deck railing

Named as Thomas Chippendale, this series create geometric pattern with liner balusters.

Chippendale deck railing


14. Mesh deck railing

Easy to install and cheaper material compared with other railing series.

Metal deck railing


15. Wavy deck railing

Connected from top to the bottom, color choose: black, silver, gold.

Wavy deck railing


16. Functional deck railing

Deck railing can give you basic safety requirement, better yet, it can give your more functional space. It leads modern railing trends.

Functional deck railing


17. Mix-color deck railing

Besides white, blank, gray, you can also enjoy your colorful deck railing decoration. Furthermore, you can customize preferred color tone into patio railing ideas.

Mix-color deck railing


Discover Deck Railing Collocation

18. Insert seating

Combined railing and bench, this series applied for more functional requirement.

Insert seating


19. Deck stair railing

It creates focal impression of the yard. It allows liner or wave design together with downward deck handrail ideas.

Deck stair railing


20. Deck railing light

Decking light can supply visual scale focus on the foot, while deck railing light can supply far view.

Deck railing light


After reading 20 deck railing ideas, it is not necessary to dispute which one is the best deck railing, discovering suitable material, deck railing designs is the better railing solution.



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