6 Kid Friendly Flooring Options – How To Choose

The floor is a very significant aspect of house decor since it is connected to the aesthetic and comfort of the house. For Adults, we usually consider not just the look, comfort and water resistance of the floor, but we make sure the flooring is easy to clean and maintain. However, floors that favorable for kids are a bit difference in many ways. House owners these days are concerned more about the safety of the floor material especially they are kids in the house. For example, it’s important to check if the floor is non-slip and in addition to paying attention to the issues that adults will pay attention to. So, what sort of floor best meets the demands of parents? What is the best floor to choose for a child’s room? So, in this article was are going to look for the best types of flooring that are friendly for kids in a residential area.


1.Solid Wood Floors

Solid hardwood flooring is a floor created from a single piece of wood that is attractive, environmentally responsible, easy to clean, and feels good underfoot. But, the disadvantages are obvious that can affect hardwood flooring which makes them not so suitable for kids:

1) Can be easily to fracture and crack.

2) Solid wood floors are not wear-resistant.

3) Demands regular maintenance.

4) Hardwood is generally expensive.

5) Is generally preferred by middle and upper-income families.

the direct gap in the solid wood floor is large and the surface hardness is high, the child is easily scratched or injured during play, making it an unsuitable choice for families with children.

Wood Floors


2.Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring are also a good type of flooring that is ideal for children. Laminate flooring are simple to install as well as clean and maintain. This type of flooring is particularly wear-resistant, stain-resistant, pressure-resistant, and corrosion-resistant because it is covered by a wear-resistant layer.

There is no need for regular maintenance if the floor is handled with good care. Another advantage is that laminate floors has many colors options and designs. This means that they can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers. Above all, laminate floors are generally affordable. Most significantly, laminate flooring is scratch resistant and has a softer hardness than solid wood flooring, making it ideal for protecting toddlers from falling. However, laminate flooring has certain drawbacks. For example, it may be quite slippery when wet, making it very easy for youngsters to slide.

Laminate Flooring


3.Vinly Flooring

Vinly flooring is a newer addition to the flooring industry that is popular among families with small children. Vinly flooring has the same benefits as laminate flooring, but it is superior than laminate flooring. Plastic floor has design, can be designed into different arrangements, so that the children’s room is full of fun; its production materials are completely green, with a high degree of water resistance, scratch resistance, and antibacterial properties, in addition to the advantages of laminate floor. Simultaneously, it addresses the disadvantages of laminate flooring – non-slip, entirely non-toxic and harmless, is the safest floor for children, is the greatest choice for newborn families, and is unquestionably a child-friendly floor, so that children may grow

spc flooring


4.Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is known as “the pyramid of consumption at the tip of the floor” and is one of the most costly types of flooring. It is more ecologically friendly than solid wood flooring, has a superior moisture-proof effect, excellent noise reduction performance, and is known in the flooring business as a quiet floor. Furthermore, cork floor feet are soft and pleasant, have high anti-slip performance, and are favorable to preventing youngsters from sliding and falling. However, when compared to laminate and plastic floors, it has low water resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance. Because cork flooring is easily scratched, scratch; Water is easily penetrated, wear soft shoes inside to avoid wear on the floor; Avoid spilling liquid on the floor.

Cork Flooring


5.Rubber Floor

Rubber floors are a popular type of flooring nowadays. Rubber floor material is green and ecologically benign, with no toxic ingredients, good elasticity, pleasant foot sensation, high pressure resistance, moisture resistance, and non-slip properties. Furthermore, the rubber floor is simple to install and maintain; simply clean with a wet towel. It’s a great option for youngsters. However, the rubber floor has noticeable flaws, such as low wear resistance, an easily damaged surface, and the look leaves uneven scars, which damages its attractiveness. The most difficult thing to accept is that the rubber floor would emanate an unpleasant stench, making the youngster feel uncomfortable and negatively affected.

Rubber Floor



Some families like carpets, which they place directly on the ground. The ground is indeed quite soft, the feet are also fairly wonderful, and the youngster may play without concern. However, the downsides are obvious: the carpet is easy to accumulate ash, difficult to clean, not waterproof, will breed a lot of germs in the long term, and is not beneficial to the healthy growing of children.



In the above type of floor analysis, I believe that you can choose a safe, beautiful and comfortable floor, so that your children can grow up happily in a healthy environment. Do you have the right floor in mind?

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