8 Reliable And Stylish Wood Decking Alternatives

Wood decking will have lots of loyal fans even more and more outside flooring covering material happened. It has to say that wood decking can match with whole elegant decoration style. Besides, wood timber decking can be customized into wood type, color and size specification.

While no matter how many square meter used for own yard or any project site, the budget can’t be avoided to check. Then this blog discovers 8 budget wood decking alternatives, that is enough for your PLAN B.


Why Seek Wood Decking Alternatives

Importing restriction

Regardless of the unaccepted market in extent countries, wood decking price will be affected by heavy importing tariff. Exporting wood products will more certificated and documents than composite plastic one.

Recurring maintenance

If compared with one piece retailer price, wood decking will not obvious higher than the others. But before you make final decision, you should consider about maintenance, especially unpredictable maintenance frequency and labor cost.

Sustainable development

More wood decking sold, more natural trees need to be prepared. Wood decking will be treated as deforestation, for sustainable development, searching wood decking alternative is the task sooner or later.


1. Composite Decking


It can be called WPC decking,either. WPC decking is made of wood and plastic material, but it will not cause insect problem. If you check above alternative series, you will find WPC decking is really budget friendly especially hollow WPC decking one.


If you have idea to do re-paint or re-decor for your decking, wood one will be your only choose, as any plastic decking can’t satisfied that. Composite decking will be easy heat up and hard to release heat, which means if you love bare foot, this one is not you priority choose.

composite decking

2. Deck Tiles


Tiles connect together in a seamless floor without the need for nails or screws. You simply snap the pieces together over a level surface. Most tiles are hollow underneath, allowing rainwater to drain through. This prevents pooling and slip hazards.

Deck tiles come in all standard decking colors and wood grain patterns. Rustic slate and stone designs are also popular options. Prices are mid-range, making tiles an affordable solution. And they can be placed temporarily over grass or concrete for special events.


Same as composite decking.

deck tiles


3. Stone slab


Natural material always supply unique texture, it can also be shaped into customized request. Stone slab can take weather and temperature resistance.


While this one is totally expensive even compared with timber decking and higher shipping cost. It require professional installation team as heavy weight.

stone decking


4. PVC Decking


PVC decking(vinyl decking) is one revolution of decking industry, as the raw material had none wood composite. That will create lightweight decking choose.


Higher cost compared with composite decking one.
All the material is not biodegradable.
Less percentage for market.

pvc decking


5. Aluminum Decking


Aluminum decking is made of aluminum metal with protective coating in four sides, so the durability performance is the biggest selling point without any doubt.

Two or three times lighter than wood decking, it also supply varies style as mould research.


Conduct heat, that need to be concerned if you area will get direct sunlight for longer time everyday.

Expensive than any series we mentioned above, so aluminum decks are usually used for commercial application.

Aluminum Decking


6. Concrete Decks


Concrete decks in this time had changed the classic visual effect, it can totally elevate whole outdoor decoration style with grass, furniture, etc.

It is no doubt that concrete decks can reach extreme durability and almost none maintenance cost.


High repair cost once suffered from surface crack.

Concrete decks


7. Synthetic Grass Decking


Artificial grass deck tile paving makes really zero maintenance. This series had interlocking system which support DIY and lightweight moving. Grass decking tile can also be installed above existing decking or stone slab as one renovation solution.


Artificial grass tile will easy to turf and color fading in outdoor circumstance. It is ideal way for small area paving material.

synthetic grass decking


8. Rubber tiles


Rubber tiles are made of high destiny elastic material, this one is helpful with better foot comfort. Besides this material can be used for renovation as it can be installed above existing decking surface.


Can’t reach 100% seamless, that situation will be mostly happen during area without ending cover material.

rubber tiles decks

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