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About Aolong - SPC Flooring Manufacturer In China

Over 200 Employees 

Enjoy our uninterrupted 24/7 service, delivering the fastest and highest quality assistance

 Manufacturing Plant Capacity

Our factory spans an impressive 200,000 square meters, providing ample space for production and operations

Advanced Manufacturing Machine

We have 30 extruding machines that enable us to produce high-quality SPC flooring and supplying OEM services world wide

20 Years Of And Production Experience

We have a strong history of two decades in flooring developmentresearch and production to international markets

International Market

We have successfully collaborated with over 40 countries to facilitate international trade and provided expert assistance for on-site SPC flooring installation projects

Other Products

PVC Flooring / Composite Decking / LVT / Other

aolong spc flooring

SPC Flooring / Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) is a high quality rigid core flooring crafted by mixing plastic with natural stone powder to form this premium flooring. This unique combination ensures exceptional stability, waterproof properties and suitability for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

SPC flooring is just a new extraordinary vinyl flooring due to its environmentally friendly composition. It is free of harmful chemical or material like other flooring options, making it a more sustainable choice. The core components of SPC flooring include durable UV coating, decorative paper film and solid core board.


Customize Your Different SPC Flooring

Aolong Flooring is a top brand SPC flooring manufacturer. Our SPC flooring stands out due to its extensive collection of patterns and various surface treatment options. With our customization solutions, you will have the freedom to personalize your SPC flooring order according to your preferences.

spc flooring
Wood / Stone / Carpet
spc flooring size
Common Size Or Customized One
spc flooring thickness
From 3.7-6.0mm
Four Sides Bevel Change
Acoustic Padding Options
Support Resale
hollow spc flooring
Hollow SPC Flooring

Powerful Innovation  &  Inspiration

Discover Your Filed Of Interest In Aolong SPC Flooring

a) We can supply SPC flooring for big project like hospitals, malls, hotel etc.

b) We also offer on-site management team to assist with installation guide for projects.

c) We supply short delivery time and relative flooring accessory to match with project request.




a) We have been offering customized SPC flooring to many distributors for more then 15 years.

b) Anyone can become a partner with us, in any country globally.

c) We support local promotion and resale.



a) We always take care of our retail partners business by giving inventory options.

b) More color Less quantity.



a) Inventory options without any MOQ.

b) Supply shipping inquiry service.


End user


Quotation & sample

Order confirmation

Producing & QC


Work process



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Why Aolong is one of the best flooring brands?
Jean -Columbia
I made business in China for longer time,but still new one in the flooring field.Aolong give me best service and color advice.
I am engineer,Aolong support me lots when I had none idea of flooring,they always can give me video call to show the detail product and explain with patience.
After used spc flooring from Aolong,my Neighborhood keep to visiting me. I’ll approach them as they all need to repair or decoration.I am sure Aolong can give them suitable spc flooring buying advice.
It is really hard to do resale business in this special time,luckily I can find Aolong as my best spc flooring brands,they give me some business chance to increase my sales amount.

Aolong will give you the best spc flooring !

Product quality and performance

With our product’s long lifespan and 15-year warranty, our SPC flooring is trusted in both local and global markets for its durability and our excellent service. We are so proud to have made it to the top ten list of the best SPC flooring manufacturers in China for over 5 years now. Aolong has managed to become SPC flooring wholesale for project managers, household owners, distributors and even retailers.

Supplier reputation and reliability

For the past 20 years, Aolong has been a trusted and reliable supplier of SPC flooring. As one of the leading SPC flooring manufacturers in China, we have established strong partnerships with numerous companies, both big and small, throughout our journey. Our goal is to expand our goal as a leading SPC flooring supplier, bringing the beauty of SPC flooring to countries around the world.

Price and cost

Although SPC maybe a bit overpriced with business owners, at Aolong we make sure you get you SPC flooring at a fear price always. We value customer satisfaction, that’s why we are loyal to providing our customers with a cost friendly SPC flooring. It might be hard to make a discussion on where to buy SPC flooring, you can trust us for high quality and get the cheapest SPC flooring from Aolong.


Our SPC flooring has been tested and approved to meet the global standards for non-toxic flooring which doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or substances. We always make sure to provide this information whenever we send ship out customer’s vinyl flooring.

Flooring market trends and demand points

We have been able to meet the global demand for trending SPC flooring during our 20-year journey in producing SPC flooring and other vinyl flooring, including LVT , LVP , PVC flooring  and WPC decking. The demand for SPC has increase due to it’s long list of advantages which include cost-effective and long life-span.

Technical support for dealer marketing and sales

Our dedicated technical support team is readily available to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. Whether you have technical inquiries or basic questions about purchasing SPC flooring or require post-sale services, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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