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Company culture

At Aolong Flooring, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the vinyl flooring market through our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our corporate culture serves as the driving force behind our organization, fostering collaboration, innovation and a positive work environment. We firmly believe in nurturing the skills and talents of our employees, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive. Join us on this article where we will be sharing Aolong history in Flooring craftsmanship and innovation converge.


Our mission:

“We are committed to being the premier manufacturer in the vinyl flooring industry, dedicated to delivering exceptional products that elevate spaces, ignite creativity, and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Our mission is to create wonderful flooring solutions that seamlessly combine beauty, durability, and sustainability, transforming spaces into extraordinary experiences. This core goal has been the driving force since our company’s establishment 20 years ago. We prioritize customer satisfaction and greatly value their feedback about our products. The valuable feedback we have received has played a crucial role in consistently enhancing the quality of our flooring. At Aolong, we take pride in our work as a manufacturing company. Our team pay attention to detail, and commitment to environmental protection. We strive to be at the top in the vinyl flooring industry, through our state-of-the-art factory, machines and eco-friendly practices to produce vinyl flooring that not only enhances living spaces but also contributes to a healthier environment.


Service concept:

1.Uncompromising quality

We are incredibly proud of our company’s unwavering commitment to meticulous care and delivery of quality vinyl flooring. Durability, visual appeal and longevity are our top priorities at Aolong, achieved through the utilization of the best materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Our products are carefully assembled and rigorously tested to ensure they are free of any harmful substances. We understand the importance of maintaining superior quality as it directly impacts our standing in the flooring market.

Transparency and confidence in our products are part of our values. Therefore, we sincerely welcome customers to visit the factory, let them experience the precise manufacturing process. This strengthening further strengthens their confidence in the excellent qualities we offer.

At Aolong, we continue to strive to exceed expectations by providing vinyl flooring that not only enhances space but also provides lasting value. Our team is passionate about building outstanding flooring solutions and customer satisfaction is always at the heart of our endeavors.

2.Research and innovation

Innovation is the cornerstone of our company philosophy. We hope to promote the integration of vinyl flooring with the latest technology, materials and design trends. With our enterprise as the center, on the basis of professional R & D team, continue to look for new possibilities and new progress.

Our research and development team has made unremitting exploration of innovative technologies and materials, and constantly strive to create flooring solutions that exceed industry standards. We are committed to: always stay at the forefront of the industry, open up innovative ideas, redefining vinyl flooring possibilities.

Quality is very important to us and our researchers work hard to improve our products. Through rigorous testing and improvement, the quality and performance of vinyl flooring are continuously improved to ensure that it meets the highest requirements such as durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

By focusing on innovation, we aim to provide our customers with flooring solutions that both meet their current needs and anticipate and exceed their future expectations. We believe that through continuous research and development, we can continue to deliver cutting-edge products that inspire creativity, elevate space and enhance the overall experience for our valued customers.

3.Customer Focus

Our customers are the focal point of our business. We possess a profound understanding of their needs, preferences, and aspirations. Our major objective is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We strive not only to meet their needs but also to surpass them by providing exceptional service and fostering enduring partnerships. When engaging with our customers, we deeply involve ourselves in their projects, extending our support in every way possible to ensure their utmost satisfaction with our flooring products and services.

We view each customer relationship as a valuable opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. By establishing open lines of communication, we seek to gain insight into their specific challenges and objectives. This enables us to tailor our flooring solutions to their precise requirements, delivering results that align perfectly with their vision.

We endeavor to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout their entire journey, offering expertise and assistance whenever needed. Our aim is to be a reliable and trusted partner, accompanying our customers every step of the way to achieve successful outcomes.


At Aolong Flooring, we build a collaborative culture in which we value and respect each team member’s experience and insights. We are convinced that welcoming varied viewpoints is the key to fostering creativity. We develop an atmosphere that fosters creativity by fostering open communication, seamless cooperation, and information sharing, allowing ideas to bloom and the combined intellect of our team to fuel our success.

Our dedication to cooperation goes beyond our internal staff. We aggressively seek global alliances because we recognize the enormous value that collaboration provides to our business methods. We use the power of cooperation by creating strong relationships with other organizations and individuals to deliver the greatest potential outcomes for our customers and stakeholders. We take each and every flooring work in the utmost respect, regardless of its size or complexity. Every project is as important to us, and we treat each one with the same amount of care and detail.

5.Integrity and fairness

At Aolong, we uphold the highest moral standards and conduct our business with unwavering honesty. We base all of our business decisions on honesty, openness, and fairness. We firmly believe that acting ethically promotes respect and trust among all parties involved in our interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees. Trust and fairness serve as the cornerstones of a healthy, long-lasting business environment, laying the groundwork for productive partnerships.

The lengthy warranty lifespan of all our flooring products reflects this dedication to fairness and trust. Our goal is to show our partners that we genuinely care about them and are committed to working with them rather than just producing and selling vinyl flooring for financial gain. We make sure that our partners can rely on the quality and longevity of our flooring by offering a lengthy warranty. We assume responsibility for ensuring the longevity of your flooring, demonstrating our commitment to supplying durable and dependable products.

Our strategy for doing business goes beyond immediate financial gains and is focused on creating enduring connections based on openness and trust. A successful and sustainable business model, in our opinion, must act with integrity and accept responsibility for its products. We strive to create enduring relationships that are advantageous to all parties by placing a priority on the long-term satisfaction and confidence of our partners.

6.Environmental friendly

At Aolong we have dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and encouraging sustainability by introducing vinyl flooring across the world. We work to improve our impact on the environment by using energy-efficient manufacturing techniques and sourcing materials. Additionally, we actively look for partner willing to collaborate with us on sustainability of protecting the environment.

We also continue keep our culture of learning from others in the production of vinyl flooring and WPC decking. We have improve in our business practices by learning from others. We allow our employees a space to learn on job. We provide opportunities for training, skill enhancement, and personal growth, empowering our team to reach their full potential.

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Our Work Environment:

At Aolong Flooring, we think that promoting a positive workplace culture is essential for developing innovation and inspiring exceptional performance. Our employees are inspired and given the freedom to succeed in our modern, collaborative workspace. An environment that supports collaboration and innovation is created by open-concept workplaces, encouraging break out areas, and well-equipped manufacturing facilities.


Our Team:

Recognizing that our differences are a source of strength and innovation, we celebrate equality and inclusion. At Aolong Flooring, we promote an inclusive workplace where people from all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences are valued and respected. We think that a diverse team creates creative thinking, encourages fresh viewpoints, and ultimately produces better business results.

Our staff has received extensive training to deliver outstanding support to clients from various parts of the world. Every customer receives individualized and attentive care that is catered to their unique needs and preferences as we approach our services with the utmost respect for cultural differences. Due to our dedication to cultural sensitivity, we are able to create an environment where everyone feels valued and understood.


Employee Testimonials:

“I am proud to be part of the Aolong Flooring company. The collaborative work environment and the company’s commitment to innovation have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.” – Terry, Sales person

“Aolong Flooring truly values its employees. The emphasis on lifelong learning and development has given me many opportunities to improve my abilities and advance my career within the organization.” – Judy, Sales Manager

“I’m passionate about sustainability, and working at Aolong Flooring’s research and development department lets me to contribute to good practices. To have a beneficial influence on the environment, we are always researching greener materials and production processes.” – Mr Han, Research & Development Engineer


Join Our Team:

Are you interested in becoming one of our distributors and joining a dynamic team that embraces innovation and strives for excellence? Reach out to us by leaving an email with your details, and embark on a rewarding partnership with Aolong Flooring. We continuously seek company representatives and individuals who share our passion for revolutionizing the vinyl flooring industry.


Contact Us:

For more information about becoming our distributor or any other inquiries, please reach out to our sales department at or call us at +86 15896399061.

Discover the world of innovative flooring at Aolong Flooring – where vinyl flooring craftsmanship meets innovation!


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