Composite Decking vs Wood – Which Is The Best

What Is Composite Decking


Composite decking will be got confused  with the traditional wood decking sometimes. So in this article, we shall first look on what exactly is composite decking. Composite decking is a newer decking material perfectly designed for outdoor decking conditions. They are designed to look similar to the old tradition real wood decking.With long years manufactuer experience,we can supply qualitified composide decking which keep than performance than existed wood decking part.


What Is Wood Decking


To make it clear, we also need to look on Wood decking. Wood decking is a type of decking boards made from 100% wood. This kind of decking solution has been used for a very longtime. It is often used to build outdoor structures like patio, floors, even balcony.Wood decking has been trending for many years,because they have a natural design which will lift whole level.Wood’s natural properties bring added value too. It is warm to the touch and easily worked and its proven sustainability as a renewable building resource means it has got a lot going for it!

composite decking vs wood


Advantages For Composite Decking


The invention of composite decking brought a lot changes to the outdoor decking sector. In this section we will look at the advantages of composite decking over other options. The first and obvious advantage for composite decking is the raw material. Composite decking is made up of plastic (PE) and wood powder. Which means, this type of decking don’t rely on cutting down trees, making it a more  environmental friendly way of producing decking boards. Below are more benefit and characteristics of composite decking.


Because it’s made partly with PE, this makes it great resistance against outdoor environment like decay, mildew, moisture and inserts damage. Composite decking boards are well-know for their long life-span.

Low Maintenance:

Like we mentioned in the previous paragraph, composite decking is assembled with very tough materials which makes it very rare to repair or need for regular maintenance. The only maintenance is the cleaning, just to make sure dirty doesn’t cause long term mark on the decking.

Color and Texture Varieties:

Because composite decking is assembled by artificial methods, it will support much room to design different patterns, colors and textures to the decking. Which means this type of decking can allow customization in terms of the surface design, a modified shade of color and amount of the decking texture. Most people prefer their decking to mimic wood decking down to the smallest details and it’s possible with composite decking boards.

Environmentally Friendly:

This is the main reason why composite decking has become so popular. Manufacturing composite decking boards or planks, doesn’t require any harm against the environment. Like cutting down trees to assemble wood decking board. By only recycling plastic and mixing it with wood powder, that’s only what you need to create composite decking.

In conclusion, we recommend that you examine the brand and quality of your composite decking before you buy . Because each and every decking boards are made different ways and with different raw material . Always make sure the your decking supplier can  give you a good warranty. At least 10 – 20 years warranty would be a good deal for your decking project.

Most important, is to make sure that your decking is installed correctly and by professional team. If a deck is not well installed, it won’t matter if the decking quality is good or not. The decking will not last long and may give problems, eg maintenance cost. Composite decking, if properly constructed and maintained, can create a beautiful and long-lasting outdoor living environment.


Advantages Of Wood Decking


Natural Beauty:

Wood decks have a natural beauty that create variety of building style and outdoor environments.Some area especial Euro will treat any plastic made material is none-environmental objects.That will make wood decking to be only choose.


For professionals who deal with wood decking, wood is a very good material to do customized task. The most unique properties about wood decking is that, the pattern on the wood is unique for ever decking.


Wood decking provides more comfortable walking experience especially during hot weather days, as it will absorb less heat. Because wood doesn’t conduct heat, it means it cannot affect the room temperature or outside.


Wood can be renewed or resurfaced. If you have a wood decking, you may also consider a new look without high cost. Even after remove or renovating the deck, you can also reside the decking wood board for other purpose.

wood decking

Types Of Wood Decking


Pressure-treated Wood:

If price is your only concerned,you can choose pressure-treated.This type will enjoy longer service life and solve the headache insect problem.But on the other side,it can’t give you too more surface change and visual appearance.


Consider of the durability,cedar decking will be one good choice.Cedar wood decking will be lighter than others and easy for transportation.


Redwood decking is elegant reddish surface,the oil painting will protect it against insects.

In one word,wood flooring can give you different choose,but if you don’t have so much money and time to do the rest maintenance,that will be out of consideration.As wood decking will be easy to color-fading as outside circumstance.

composite vs wood decking

Composite Decking VS Wood Decking

Environmental friendly

Composite decking enjoy high competition wood pattern which is only simulate true wood.But please noted composite decking is made with recycled material,it supports lower wood used and carbon emisson.


No matter which type you choose ,true wood decking will sell higher as raw material differ.Moreover,we had not calculated the maintenance cost.Composite flooring can satisfy short budget and less maintenance.

Service life

Composite decking will take bigger advantage on the service life point.As decking is outside flooring covering material,so it will face direct sun exposure,big rainy,insect or extreme temperature.So if your space had any special request,composite decking can be your only choose without any doubt.If you don’t want to change it frequently,we are honor to recommend composite decking.


Composite decking is designed to be low-maintenance and resistant to rot, degradation and insects. It does not require frequent staining, sealing or maintenance like wood decking. The initial cost of composite decking may be lower, even more,the subsequent savings in maintenance and replacement costs can make it more cost-effective over time and time.

To summarize, while wood decking is less expensive to install than composite decking, it requires more maintenance over time. Composite decking only require a lower initial investment, it requires less care and is more durable.

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