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What is composite decking

Composite decking is one type popular outdoor floor covering building materials.The properties of composite decking substantially simplify the selection procedure. When compared to other materials such as wood or bamboo decking, composite decking is a popular choice. Below, you may discover several wood-plastic composite decking possibilities as a significant outdoor decorating material. They differ in terms of the core, surface treatment and form. Wood-plastic composite decking is an excellent choice for patio, terrace, or garden decking. Please give us any further requests.

What makes us one reliable supplier

As a composite decking specialist, we can personalize the size, color, and surface treatment for your order. Our extruding lines ensure that each order is finished within 7-15 days once all comprehensive information is validated. Aolong's quality control system guarantees that each new and returning client selects a lower-risk supply chain. Begin benefiting from our one-on-one pre-sales and after-sales support right away.

Composite decking manufacturing process

Compared to the indoor flooring process, shaping decking boards, especially those made from wood-plastic materials, is relatively simple. This simplification allows for faster delivery times, typically around 7-15 days, while still accommodating customized production orders of up to 200 square meters. Composite decking manufacturers offer a variety of types and price levels, but the manufacturing process remains similar. The type, size and surface treatment of each decking board depends on the extruding molds used. Aolong, as a supplier, can provide maximum customization options for customers.

As synthetic decking, composite decking is made of 60% wood powder, 30% PE, 10% addictive. Mostly are recycled material. This natural and renewable material can reduce carbon footprint. Decking board can be deeper simulating wood surface as color and touching, it also can avoid headache problem of really timber decking like not waterproof, need extra painting… We are honor of the truth is that the recycled wood and plastic material is better suitable for market choice.

After color granulation, the key process is the extruding. Whole extruding line had hot shaping, cold profiling period. It also have the function to do capped or surface treatment by extruding mold. Decking cutting device is one part of whole extruding line. Aolong will do sanding to deeper surface touching feeling according to confirmed sample. Before the last step, Aolong will make visual inspection and quality check.

Brush treatment will make decking surface close to true wood surface.If decking surface had obvious ending sharp,we need do polish treatment.

If whole length is within 3 meters, we will use PE foam to do package. Or we will use woven cloth to do bigger length. Usually box package is less until decking is ready to supermarket. Decking accessory is packaged into carton. Please consult best package solution with our sales team, we will supply best economic way.

Customize your composite decking order now

Hollow composite decking can save the most shipping cost, it can be easy to install as its lighter weight. Solid series have better walking feeling and less expansion difficulty. It can also take heavy cargo on the decking board. Capped composite decking is the new generation decking, it had at least 1.0mm coating which is not made by glue or chemical products. It will protect better away from UV light, rainy, insects, mold. So capped WPC decking takes high lever market location. Each surface is helpful to anti slip. Embossed can be more like true wood, it can have oak, walnut, teak and other wood type choose. Moreover, this two series had less price differ, so 3D embossed is popular choose. You can face bigger change parts compared with timber decking. That belongs to 100% percentage personal customized producing process. Each customized series only need around 200 square meters quantity. Each order need confirmation items as below :
custom service for composite decking
Decking type
We offer two options in terms of shape: solid and hollow decking boards. For surface treatment, we provide groove and deep embossing options. In addition, we have special designs such as capped decking boards and DIY decking tiles. These options encompass a wide range of choices, including specific features like square holes and circle holes for hollow composite decking. We welcome you to visit Aolong's detailed product page to explore these options further and conveniently leave your inquiry. At Aolong, we prioritize both your purchasing budget and the variety of products we offer, providing you with a wide range of outdoor decoration solutions.
Length * Width * Thickness
Length can be any data theoretically, but we should consider unit weight, installation trouble and loading direction. Normal one is 2.2,3.6,4.0,5.4 meters. Each pallet can be load at most 2 tons. Aolong will send you detail package information to support estimate shipping cost at your side. Width * Thickness is confirmed by different mold while extruding. Aolong had different combination data for width*thickness, we will send detail document if you contact us right now!
Color & wood type
Major color is gray, coffee, red, black, yellow. Different color had light, medium, dark tones. Gray and natural wood color are major chooses. Further sample can be sent for check. Aolong also can accept producing according to your express sample. For colors,capped series can enjoy two bio-colors in same decking board. 3D embossing series can make wood type choose from regular oak, teak, walnut, mahogany.
Surface treatment
Each decking board can be reversible, you will find flat, thin and thick groove, 3D embossed on one side or both two sides. It means you can enjoy two different installation effect in one product cost. The surface treatment had big connection of mold, so it is fixed by width and thickness options. Each quotation from Aolong will specify each detail for comparison. Relying on different shape mold and pattern rolling, we can supply varies application like garden, balcony, swimming pool.
Box designation for resale activity, only PE foam to protect to save cost, pallet used or not. These key points will have choose space after producing process finished. Mix loading is allowed when you had request for different WPC decking no matter the type, color, surface treatment. Decking accessory will be packaged into carton box. We will send enough quantity clip and screw for free.
Decking accessory
After confirm all detail above, don’t forget about decking accessory. It will involve starter clip and screw, intermediate clip and screw, composite joist, angel trim. If you are newer in decking installation, welcome to check our accessory page to see detail. Aolong will show the detail installation and how many decking accessory do you need.

Product features

After the above description, the product features are now clear without any doubts. Composite decking, also known as wood-plastic composite flooring, is a synthetic decking material made from recycled wood and plastic. It fulfills all the requirements and concerns of distributors or project handlers, leaving no room for excuses to overlook this product as an outdoor decoration solution. Composite decking has a proven track record with both traditional and improved generations of products, and it continues to capture an increasing share of the decking market.
sun protection for decking
Exposed to the sun
It is normal that all outdoor decoration material will expose to the Sun for long time. So will it cause distortion or surface color changed issues after composite decking installed? The answer is not. Our advanced technology and quality check will keep composite decking quality stability. You can also choose lighter color tone if you really worried about color fading issue.
Except for high temperature sunlight exposure, rain also can be one headache problem before choosing decking material, especially rainy season period. For wood and plastic different material combinations, composite decking can solve above concerned situation as it is waterproof. That will make it can be installed at any area like the beach, swimming pool or close to sea lines. The waterproof performance will make it anti-rot and mold, making the decking board durable after long time used.
Our composite decking is sustainably sourced recycled material, it is the way of controlling the producing cost. None any trees need sacrifice for manufacturing industry, no matter which type products, Aolong always follow environmental producing way. It will had none effect for durable long time service life even used recycled material shaped. It will modify biggest economic advantage no matter residential or commercial application especially compared with true wood decking series.
None slip
None slip
Typically decking board will have different surface in two sides. Grooved or embossed designations will control slip situation in humidity or totally wet circumstance. Barefoot or shoes walking is available after installed composite decking. Safety is most important thing we should concern, please take easy after choose composite decking, as it is wood plastic one, it can create waterproof performance instead of absorb water to support mold growing which will lead slip cases.
Easy assembly
Easy assembly
Please choose each piece length of decking board according to used application, then it can avoid extra cutting. Decking board installation belongs to DIY project job, not replying on skilled person. Once you choose decking tile, it will make things easier especially patio decking used as the length of regular decking board can’t be carried into higher floors. Welcome contact Aolong sales team for further installation guide document and video to support your working.
Less maintenance
Less maintenance
Not same like wood decking painting, composite decking can support less maintenance both the money and the time. You only need soap and water to clean it once obvious dents happened on the surface. Decking installation provides one artificial space to entertainment with family, if it need extra protection carefully and extra high cost maintenance, it will give much pressure to everyone who used it.

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