Custom Vinyl Flooring
  • vinyl flooring sku one
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  • vinyl flooring sku one
  • vinyl flooring sku two
  • vinyl flooring sku three
  • vinyl flooring sku four
  • vinyl flooring sku five

Custom Vinyl Flooring

  • Flooring decor designation
  • Custom Flooring Specialists
  • Packaging and Branding services
Flooring type Custom Vinyl Flooring
Length*width 1220*180 / 1220*152 / 1520*228/600*300mm
Thickness 3.7/4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 6.0mm
Wear layer 0.3 / 0.5 /0.7mm
Bevel Micro bevel / painted bevel
Padding type EVA/IXPE/CORK
Padding thickness 1.0 /1.5/2.0mm
OEM Support padding logo & package designation

1. Can custom padding logo and package designation ?


2. What is custom vinyl flooring ?

This is the process were we produce SPC flooring according to the specifications and requirements provided by our clients.

When it comes to OEM services for custom flooring, we offer several options to choose for the kinds of vinyl flooring we produce. At Aolong, our OEM services include manufacturer designing and producing the custom vinyl flooring according to the requirements and specifications specified by our customers. We do not only consider customer’s request, we always make sure quality control measures to ensure that the custom vinyl flooring meets the desired standards. This includes monitoring the flooring for durability, anti-slip properties, chemical resistance and other important variables in order to meet standard regulations and consumer expectations.

3. Which one is hot sold among all custom vinyl flooring ?

SPC flooring is hot sold as its durable service and economic price.

4. What is SPC flooring made of ?

SPC flooring is made of stone powder and PVC resin.

5. What is detail conditions that can be customized ?

SPC core thickness, flooring padding, custom flooring decor, package. In one word, when you need buy spc flooring, we can supply custom flooring solutions.

6. How long can you finish all the custom vinyl flooring?

30-40 days after all detail confirmed.

Choose Your Design

Flooring decor designation

When it comes to flooring custom designing, we always work close with our customers to make sure we produce the exact flooring design requested. This involves producing special patterns, the flooring textures and shades of color based on customer preferences or their market demands. This usually the first stage for custom vinyl flooring.

Custom flooring specialists

Some client’s may also request custom vinyl flooring assembled with specific raw materials during production, we make that happen for here at Aolong. Our research and development specialists have years of experience for customizing vinyl flooring for big projects. So, whether you need different wear layers, a specific type of floor padding, specific flooring thickness or embossing techniques we can do it all in a short tome.

Packaging and branding

We go a step further with with our custom vinyl flooring services by offering packaging and branding. We can design and create packaging that aligns with our client’s branding guidelines and target market, helping to enhance the overall product presentation and appeal.

Custom vinyl flooring providers can handle the entire manufacturing process of vinyl flooring, from formulation to production. They have the expertise and infrastructure to produce the OEM flooring according to the client’s specifications, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery.


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