Different Composite Decking Colors! How To Choose?

When it comes to choosing a new composite deck, one of the most exciting parts of the process is picking the perfect color. With so many composite decking colors to choose from ranging from basic blacks and browns to vibrant reds and tropical tones, you’re sure to find a shade that matches your style and complements your home.

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Benefits Of Colored Composite Decking

While traditional wood decking eventually fades to a silver patina, composite deck boards retain their color for decades with virtually no maintenance required. Manufacturers utilize advanced technologies to embed rich pigments deep within the core layers so colors remain saturated despite years of UV exposure and foot traffic. This durability removes the need to periodically stain or seal to maintain appearance.

Colored composite decking also hides dirt, debris, and everyday wear better than basic earth tones or woods that turn gray over time. Darker shades like deep reds, coffee browns, or slate grays help your deck maintain a freshly cleaned look. Bright colors like island paradise blends featuring vibrant green, red, and golden tones better disguise discoloration from muddy paw prints, potted plant drips, grass clippings, and other messes that find their way onto your deck.


Popular Composite Decking Color Palettes

Every major manufacturer offers their own unique take on color options for composite deck boards but three main palettes emerge among the leaders in innovation and quality:

Natural wood tones

Natural wood tones remain popular for their versatility to match various home styles and landscaping environments. Rich brown composite shades replicate exotic hardwoods like ipe, tigerwood or aged cedar. Lighter beige and gray boards mimic weathered pine, spruce or redwood. Wood-inspired hues blend seamlessly with natural surroundings for a subtle enhancement.

Bold single colors

Bold single colors make a dramatic statement by utilizing deep shades applied uniformly across the deck surface. Options range from black to espresso brown; slate gray to dove gray; brick red to crimson red; olive green to sage green; and terra cotta tan to rust brown. Some manufacturers also offer lighter but still impactful amber, sky blue, and pastel violet hues. Single color decking allows you to match exterior paint tones or establishes a defined color theme.

Multi-tonal mixes

Multi-tonal mixes add artistic flair by blending boards of contrasting hues to create free-flowing color variations. Multi-toned products resemble luxury vinyl plank flooring translated onto an outdoor living space. The randomness resembles natural materials while colored specs, streaking and grain-like patterns imitate exotic hardwoods and stones. Some multi-color lines offer as many as eight complementary yet distinct tone combinations.



Top Composite Decking Color

With countless colors and color combinations spanning the full visible light spectrum, choosing that perfect deck shade can overwhelm. To simplify your decision, here are five of today’s most popular composite deck colors based on homeowner preferences and industry trends:

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut ranks among the hottest sellers thanks to its rich chocolate brown tones with flowing tan and black grain-like streaking. This deep espresso hue beautifully enhances natural stone and pavers for elegant outdoor elegance. Durable construction ensures the color avoids fading for decades.

Brazilian Walnut decking

Gray Oak

Gray Oak mimics timeworn gray weathered oak wood but without the pesky splinters. Relaxed gray tones complement homes of all colors due to its neutral yet interesting visual texture. Gray Oak works wonderfully as a full single color or combined with lighter Gravel Path or darker Mystic Blue accents.

Gray Oak decking

Winchester Grey

Winchester Grey offers a stately middle ground between silver and charcoal shades with realistic wood undertones. This lighter brownish gray shade feels at home in traditional suburban backyards yet also suits modern landscapes. Pair with darker Merlot or Florentine bronze capped deck rails and balusters for a chic contrast.

Winchester Grey Decking


Hickory perfectly replicates the beloved classic hardwood featuring trademark reddish brown color tones with flowing tan and black grain streaking. Composite Hickory decking brings the beauty and comfortable familiarity of wood outdoors but without costly periodic maintenance to retain appearance and integrity. Hickory enhances traditional mountain cabins and lake homes but also partners handsomely with modern materials.

Hickory decking

Island Oak

Island Oak inspired by tropical hardwood, features a dynamic blend of reddish brown, golden tan and hints of greenish gray tones sprinkled liberally across planks. This multi-colored oak shade feels at one with nature thanks to organic color variations that differ across individual boards like natural woods but is splinter-free. Island Oak makes a vibrant style statement.

Island Oak decking


How To Choose Colors

With so many composite decks color options to evaluate, deciding on just one shade can frustrate as easily as it can inspire creativity. To guide your decision-making journey, we recommend three considerations:

  • First, view color samples of actual decking on hand before deciding rather than judging digitally or from paper brochures where tones can appear distorted from reality. Most brands offer free samples to eliminate guesswork.
  • Second, examine how natural and artificial light affects color perceptions at different times of day. Direct sunlight can intensify some tones. Order the widest samples possible to evaluate lighting impacts.
  • Finally, visualize how prospective colors pair with your home exterior and surrounding environment before finalizing a choice. Some hues accent while others can feel disjointed. Extra thought now prevents future second-guessing.

By taking these simple steps of requesting physical samples, assessing lighting effects and modeling colors against your existing architecture and landscaping, you’ll feel confident in picking that perfect composite deck color to install for decades to come. Get excited and have fun with the wide world of durable and dazzling composite colors!

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At Aolong, we specialize in producing high-quality and beautifully colored composite decking suited for all environments and design aesthetics. Please feel free to contact us any time, get a product catalog showcasing our wide range of colors plus free samples, you can see and touch colors first-hand. We look forward to helping you create your dream deck!

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