Eir Flooring
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern
  • eir flooring pattern

EIR flooring

  • Varies wood pattern models
  • Authentic wood texture
Flooring type EIR SPC Flooring
Length*width 1220*180 / 1220*152 / 1520*228mm
Thickness 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 6.0mm
Wear layer 0.3 / 0.5 /0.7mm
Bevel Micro bevel / painted bevel
Padding type EVA/IXPE/CORK
Padding thickness 1.0 /1.5/2.0mm
OEM Support padding logo & package designation

1. What is EIR flooring

Compared to regular embossed flooring, EIR flooring series had moved one key step to simulate the true wood texture.

The extruding roll is created according to decor film even the small dots, we need to copy 100% percentage. It should be aligning to decor designation while extruding, that part we need to use an automatic machine and first extruding batch checked manually.

Aolong had various deep and light EIR flooring models to reach customer satisfaction. Welcome, contact our professional sales team to get further information you need.

2. Can I have EIR flooring sample ?

Yes, First check which EIR model, size and color you like. Then consult the detailed request to our sales team.

3. How long can I get the EIR flooring sample ?

Most colors can be sent out at once, the others will be ready 7-10 days.

4. What difference of all EIR flooring model ?

Most obvious difference is the wood pattern like knot, crack.The second is the surface depression percentage no matter deep or light one.

5. How is the way that I can choose preferred EIR flooring ?

We will give you one brochure to show different designation, further video check can be supplied one by one.

6. How many flooring decor do you have for each EIR flooring model ?

Usually around 6-10 decors, we also can ask film factory create new one according to your assigned pieces color.

Choose Your Design

What is the difference between EIR SPC flooring and the other EIR flooring like laminate one

What is the difference between EIR SPC flooring and other EIR flooring like laminate one

It had different EIR flooring producing processes between SPC and laminate. EIR SPC flooring can be more deeper as it has a wear layer of at least 0.3mm, but laminate surface is only impregnated paper.

How can you make sure the EIR SPC flooring has no deviation

That step is controlled by an automatic machine who had sent the detailed date. Moreover, when the extruding machine is changed into EIR flooring order, our QC team will check if it has deviation issues sometimes. That is the part of reason why EIR flooring will be higher than embossed flooring.

What is FAKE EIR flooring

Just like embossed flooring surface, if we don’t consider the deviation effective, we will have fake EIR flooring.


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