Flooring Accessory


Flooring accessory

Aolong is a leading supplier of high-quality vinyl flooring accessories and trims, with a diverse variety of goods designed to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your vinyl flooring projects. We want to be your go-to source for all your vinyl flooring accessory requirements by committing to outstanding craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Flooring accessory collection

T moulding
Our flooring Moulding are carefully assembled from high-quality materials to give a seamless transition between different flooring surfaces of the same height.
Our Reducer Strips flooring accessory are essential for creating a smooth and visually appealing transition between vinyl flooring and lower surfaces such as carpet or hardwood.
end cap
It is used where the flooring meets a different type of flooring material, such as when transitioning from one room to another, or when the flooring meets a vertical surface, such as a wall or a stairway. An essential flooring accessory.
flush stair nose
Flush stair nosing is a form of stair nosing that lies the surface of the stair tread, without protruding or overhanging the edge. It covers the transition between the stair tread and the flooring material, providing a smooth and safe edge for stairs.
overlap stair nose
Overlap stair nosing, also known as rounded stair nosing, is a style that extends beyond the riser to cover the whole edge of the stair tread. It is designed to overlap the edge of the stair tread, creating a protective and finished edge.
Skirting is used to enclose the underneath of a deck or flooring. It is applied around the edges of a floor perimeter, giving it a polished and visually acceptable look while hiding the left expansion gap in the corner. Skirting is the most commonly used flooring accessory.
Flooring accessory

Decking composite

As a flexible composite decking provider, Aolong delivers high-quality decking Component, making it simple to change or install your outdoor decking. These decking components are intended to enhance the look and functionality of your deck, allowing you to create a beautiful and long-lasting surface for leisure, entertainment or outdoor activities.

Decking component

end cover
End cover is widely utilized in a variety of applications and industries to add a finishing touch and protect the edges of your deck. They are also known as edge guards or edge protectors.
Joists, which are normally composed of pressure-treated timber or steel, serve as the structure to which decking planks are affixed. It is critical to select joists that are suitable for the load-bearing needs of your specific composite decking.
These unique fasteners are intended to offer a smooth and secure installation. We have the screws, steel clips, and fasteners that you may need during installation.



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