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With economic growth, more and more person will enjoy life with the car. Then the question arises, how do you decorate your garage space. As the space area bigger and bigger, it is not limited only for parking the cars. It can also be personal gym room, baby amusement area, store room.

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6 Things To Consider

Which factor will be into consideration while choose suitable garage flooring covering material. Which is the best floor for garage?

1. Anti Slip

For stopped car and washed car, it will be dangerous if flooring material had not enough degree of slip resistance;

2. Easy Clean And Install

Garage floors cleaning frequency will be not bigger than indoor room cleaning.

3. Budget

The whole budget will include purchasing garage flooring material, installation, consult fee, even maintenance in future.

4. Weight Loading

For main parking car area, it should supply basic weight loading performance. Deformation or surface damaged will not allowed as qualified garage flooring.

5. Design Style

Gray color tone will be market choose, it will goes with any wrong if you choose gray colors. Even so, different garage flooring type also had different color choose.

6. Application

Residential garage flooring and commercial garage flooring.

In conclusion, garage flooring will match with basic request and fashion style trends. China Aolong Flooring will give you below suggestion. To save your time,you can read outline first.

If budget is your first thing in mind, choose garage roll.



5 Ideas

1. Vinyl Sheet Roll

Vinyl sheet roll will be cheapest floor covering material. It can be installed DIY without any professional team hire. The most important key is that this vinyl sheet roll can support 3D print customized, for example, you can choose your lovely pet or family picture to do this sheet roll.

If for garage flooring, vinyl sheet roll also had one series called “garage roll” with rugged appearance. The width can be around 2 meters which means you can install the garage space at short time.

2. Concrete

If your garage room is only for idle items, choose easy concrete.

If garage room is used for long term storeroom, then easy concrete is enough. This can be long time decorative solution or temperate one.

3. Vinyl Flooring

If you prepare wash your car in garage space, choose vinyl flooring.

Some floor covering material will be slippy after water touch, like epoxy flooring or tile material. The surface of vinyl flooring is embossed with deep texture, it will helpful for anti skip if you had plan to wash your car in garage room.

If you want to do renovation job in garage space, choose vinyl flooring.

4. Rubber Flooring

If you had idea to do renovation no matter existed covering was damaged or not, vinyl flooring will be good choose. As the vinyl flooring is the only flooring type which can give you biggest choose space, including material, construction, decor film, thickness, etc.

If you prepare to build your garage into high grade one, choose rubber flooring.

Garage flooring options can be choosed according to personal request. If your garage space had higher class direction, choose rubber flooring. This series is square size by 12 plus 12 inches or 24 plus 24 inches. Interlocking system is suitable for DIY, you can also install rubber flooring above existing epoxy or vinyl flooring layer.

5. Epoxy Flooring

If personal garage room will be bigger or you are facing on commercial garage flooring purchasing, choose epoxy flooring.

Residential garage flooring will be easier choose as area limitation, for bigger area or commercial garage flooring, epoxy flooring will be good one. Epoxy flooring can supply attractive color tone. It can also be high gloss surface to bright up the whole area. This is totally match with public commercial area like car showroom. Even epoxy garage flooring had remarkable advantages, but the drawback is also can’t be regardless. It takes 6-8 hours of installation and coating depends on the whole square feet. After that it should wait2-3 drying days before used.

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