Guide For Choose Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What Is Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What is the sturucture of the SPC

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, also had one name which is more familiar to you: SPC flooring. Also it will be called hybrid flooring in Australia. Today we can have chance to deep talking about this common indoor vinyl flooring. If this article is not enough, welcome to further contact our sales team to get one by one priority calling service.

What is spc flooring made of ?
1.UV coating

Two layer UV coating and fixed procedure will supply matte gloss surface, anti-stain and scratch performance. It is the first protective layer, so don’t use any oil or chemical product to do cleaning.

Moreover, even it is UV coated layer, it doesn’t mean it can take long time sun exposure.

2.Wear layer

Transparent layer take pressure to do second protection task. As standard, 0.3mm(12 miles) is enough for home used or light commercial areas. 0.5 mm(20 miles) is qualified to used heavy commercial areas. 0.55 or 0.7 mm will be bigger selling point and to do distinguish in the market.

3.Decor film

It will be direction to follow and copy true wood, tile, carpet, marble flooring covering material. You will find more creative pattern like mix-colorful pattern which is hot sold in Mid-east areas.

Besides that, as we had other vinyl flooring series which share same decor film with SPC flooring. Which means we had dozens of decors had inventory quantity not less than 10,000 meters to short producing time.


Why SPC flooring will be called rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, as 70-75% of SPC core is stone powder. You can also find ABA construction SPC flooring, the “A” is the PVC layer, the “B” is the PVC layer.


Padding is not mandatory choose index. You can use it to add brand Logo, avoid cricking issue, support slightly uneven ground installation area.


Which one you can do customised choose

1.Size   2.Thickness   3.Decor film   4.Bevel   5.Padding   6.Package



Advantage To Use Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

a)SPC flooring is cost quality excellent flooring solution

As above explained , 70-75% of SPC flooring is stone power, compared with PVC resin material, the cost can be controlled and lower at big space. If anyone worry about one price one quality, relative test and actual used cases proved that SPC flooring is more and more popular used in your daily life.

b)SPC flooring is not limited by application

For regular flooring covering request, like apartment, gym, hospital, cinema, office. It can be good choice. When it meets with special area like bathroom, basement, high-traffic areas, it also can take floor covering task. But it doesn’t mean SPC flooring can be used in any space. For example, it can’t be used underfloor heating room, it will short service life and you had to changed flooring at short years.

c)SPC flooring had none maintenance cost

As flooring filed three common choose: laminate, wood, vinyl. Laminate flooring need care about water temporary accident. Wood flooring will face high re-paint budget and weak surface care. Please feel free to use SPC flooring as it save less cleaning steps and common sweep or vacuum cleaning is enough.




spc vs lvt

1.Rigid VS Resilient

SPC stands for rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, LVT flooring stands for resilient soft one.Specifically say, SPC can be bend to at most 90 degree depends on different supplier producing. While LVT flooring can be close to 180 degree.

2.Stone powder+PVC VS PVC

Regardless processing aids, lubricant. SPC flooring takes the material cheap advantage. That is the reason why SPC flooring exporting amount will take 70-80% among all vinyl flooring.

3.Extruding / Hot press VS Hot press

SPC flooring can be produced either of two ways. While surface texture and price will be differ. LVT flooring only can be done through hot press machines. Then it make sense that LVT flooring always give your impressive visual effects.


Besides detail points above,it is easy to clear which one is rigid SPC flooring or resilient luxury vinyl flooring.

1.White core will be SPC flooring

2.Small raised dots (that is glass fiber trace)in the four sides will be LVT flooring

3.Bending close to 180 degree will be LVT flooring

4.Put them standing in the corner, the bent one will be LVT flooring



Who Should Consider SPC Flooring As Priority

baby and pet owner

a)Baby or pet owner

Baby and pet give us sweet time together with any unexpected trouble. SPC flooring can give you DIY installation method and less big area cleaning times. Please take easy to play with your baby or pet without any extra consideration.

b)Heavy furniture or machine laying

It will mostly happen to office, gym or other public business places. SPC flooring can supply 4.0/4.5/5.0/6.0mm to place heavy objects without any dents or click crack.

c)DIY lover

If you have strong willing to do decoration yourself, then SPC flooring will be come into consideration as honest recommendation. As it will satisfy easy installation including any cutting and moving. It is worth mentioning that SPC flooring supply EIR and herringbone series. Those will give you more creative space.



Simple SPC Flooring Test

spc flooring test

Sample request will be better way to check the quality and solve color-choosed confusion. This way is suitable to all, no matter you are one-pieces end user or order continuous potential businessman. So one quick problem came out, how to judge the small piece of sample in hand ?

1.Core color

White core will represent virgin material, gray color will not represent recycled material. That will see which country you are in. Usually virgin material will have longer service life and better dimensional stability.

2.Light penetration test

Use phone light to do light penetration test, if you can see the light point in the back side, it proves that they use purer stone powder. But this test can’t be done while SPC flooring had any padding on the backside.

3.Hard break the click

Check the click to see if it can be damaged easily. If it can be break so easy, then your test had proved stone powder had added too much percentage.

4.Flooring click

Use two piece with same thickness to check the effect after installation. To feel with hand touch, it is smooth or not in the place two pieces connected. If it is strong connected through click.


China aolong flooring team will give you further explanation above, please don’t hesitation to call us since now.


Times go fast, we prefer to share more professional and useful knowledge here, but it can be end within today. Welcome call us to share your opinions, even success or failure buy flooring experience.

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