Hollow Composite Decking
  • hollow decking
  • hollow decking sku one
  • hollow decking sku two
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  • hollow decking
  • hollow decking sku one
  • hollow decking sku two
  • hollow decking sku three
  • hollow decking sku four

Hollow composite decking

  • Best economic decking solution
  • Honeycomb shape
  • Cover electronic equipment lines


Decking type Hollow composite decking
Material 60% wood fiber + 30% PE + 10% addictive
Length 2.2 / 2.8 / 5.6meters or customized
Width*Thickness 146*24 mm, 140*25 mm, the balance data please inquiry us
Surface treatment Flat, groove, embossed, capped
Color gray, blank, coffee, red, natural or customized
MOQ 200 square meters

1. How long can I get one piece of sample ?

Our sample can be shipped out at once.

2. What series do you have for hollow composite decking.

Hollow composite decking can both share regular 3D embossed and capped.

3. If quantity is less than 200 square meters, what can I do?

Please show us your detail request, we will check if we can produce your order together with other customer. Please assure quantity will never be our hurdle now and in future.

4. Which one is better, square hole or round hole?

Square hole cheaper, round hole forced evenly.

Choose Your Design

Hollow vs solid composite decking

If you have a short budget, please consider the Hollow series. As it keeps all characteristics of composite decking and supply specification versatility. If you need heavy furniture on the decking surface, please consider solid. Solid series will be treated more strongly and more durable, especially in extreme weather and temperature.

Welcome take one glance at the below page which describes characteristics of hollow composite decking. We are honored if you can directly call us for further inquiry.

Best economic decking solution

It is understandable that less material implies less expense, yet less material does not imply worse quality or ineffectiveness. Hollow composite decking may also be used as an exterior decorating material in gardens, swimming pools and parks.

Honeycomb shape

Low weight allows for maximum loading amount, as well as much more straightforward installation and cutting. Please look for honeycomb constriction in square and circular holes.

Cover electronic equipment lines

If you need set electronic equipment in an outdoor space, then hollow composite decking will be your suitable choice to cover it without obvious traces and messy circumstances.


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