Homemade Floor Cleaner Advise From Flooring Manufacturing

When you have idea to decorate your family space, purchasing material is only the first step. Taking the floor covering material for example, vinyl flooring, timber one, tiles, ceramic material choose is only the first action, what followed is that installation and maintenance in daily life.

As China Aolong Flooring is flooring manufacturer, we will pay more attention to flooring maintenance. After inquiry from person around, they will care about homemade floor cleaner instead of directly buying from store. Because it is not easy to find professional flooring cleaner, even you found it, it is also hard to judge if the ingredient is harmful for your flooring surface.

Then homemade floor cleaner will come into your eyes. Appreciate for your reading time about this topic, we hope every blog from China Aolong Flooring can helpful to your regular flooring request. We are trying our best to describe flooring in all aspects. Ok, let’s start!

Floor Cleaner

Homemade Floor Cleaner Iingredient

Before each advised recipe display, we should learn each ingredient function:

Rubbing Alcohol

—Evaporate quickly without any mark.

—Dissolve heavy stain, grease.

—kill bacteria, typical disinfectant.

White Vinegar

—Acetic acid, choose carefully and control content percentage.

Dish Soup

—PH neutral cleaner, only water mixing is enough for light stain.

—Don’t use too much, as it will lead film formation on floor surface.

Essential Oil

—Cover the floor stink, you can choose different smell.

Lemon Juice

—Good smell.

—Acid cleaner.

Warm Water

—Warm water is enough for easy dust or light dirty area.

—Warm water should take big percentage no matter which recipe.


—One of strongest chemical cleaner ingredient.

—Open the window, wear glass while using ammonia.

—None with chlorine bleach.

—Try not use or less use of ammonia.

Above material can be found around your home, the price is not high either. So homemade floor cleaner can become popular and to be one trend. From the rest part, we will specify different material flooring cleaner recipe.


Homemade Cleaner


Vinyl Floor Cleaner Recipe

Half cup white vinegar

Half cup rubbing alcohol

Two gallons of warm water

1/8 Tsp dish soap

Few drops oil if you like

As vinyl flooring is waterproof, so simple mop cleaning is enough. You can choose whole cleaning or area cleaning. If the weather is not helpful for floor surface drying, it is better to use dry mop to clean again.


Laminate Floor Cleaner Recipe

Half cup white vinegar

Half cup rubbing alcohol

Few drops oil if you like

Laminate flooring is not waterproof, which means if it will meet water accident, you should dry it at once. Even big area frequent cleaning, please use dry mop to final clean, water mark can’t be stay in laminate flooring surface for too long time.


Timber OR Engineered Floor Cleaner Recipe

Half cup lemon juice

Half cup olive oil

One gallon hot water

Timber flooring and engineered flooring will have same first layer even the other construction differ, you can also choose other oil to replace olive oil, it can help polish surface of wood flooring to make your flooring fresh as new.



Floor Cleaning Notes

Use floor cleaner homemade is fine, but don’t forget some tips from flooring manufacturing.

*Choose the method with floor cleaner homemade.

Immerse or use spay bottle. The former is used for ordinary cleaning, the latter can be used anytime, especially for temporary accident.

*All diy floor cleaner recipe is environmental

After checking floor cleaner recipe, you can find all ingredient is non-toxic, we prefer to use natural material to do DIY floor cleaner. Please assure to use even you had baby or pet in your family.

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