How do We Choose Between LVT and LVP?

LVT(Luxury Vinyl Tile) and LVP(Luxury Vinyl Plank) are the two most common types of luxury vinyl flooring. Both of them belong to luxury vinyl flooring, and the only difference between them is the shape. As we know from their name, LVT is tile shaped and LVP is plank shaped. But each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Now follow Aolong Flooring to figure out its features and which flooring is more suitable for you.

lvt and lvp

Pros and Cons of LVT:


Comfort and Sound Insulation

Walking on luxury vinyl tiles will feel more comfortable than hardwood flooring or marble, and it will produce less noise. So if you have a large family, LVT is your good choice. It’s suitable for those who are searching for a quieter option.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of LVT is super easy. You can sweep or mop directly on it. You don’t need to use polish or wax regularly like hardwood flooring. Which is convenient and budget.

Wear-Resistant and Water-Proof

LVT is waterproof, so you can install it in the bathroom, kitchen, or other rooms with water exposure


You can find any patterns and colors you like to fit your rooms, there are a variety of choices. It can look like marble, tile, wood flooring, or even carpet, so just please create your spaces to your heart’s content.



Not Eco-friendly

LVT is not eco-friendly because it can’t be recycled, which means it will exist for a long time before it becomes a natural degradation.

It won’t increase the value of your house

Due to the budget character of LVT flooring, it will not increase the value of your house when you start the assessment before you sell it.




Pros and Cons of LVP


Easy to clean

Some flooring is very hard to maintain and clean, and you have to spend much money and time on them, that is why more and more young people choose LVP now because you just need to use a mop to clean it directly.

DIY project

LVP is very easy to install, it’s a good DIY project. You can install it with glue or there is another self-adhesive option. No matter which one, you will love them.


You will find that there are so many options you can choose from for LVP flooring. When it comes to wood flooring or tile, it limits the style of your space. But with LVP flooring, you just need to consider the style of your house, and then select the exact patterns and colors of flooring.



Can’t be Exposed to Sunshine

The major disadvantage of LVP is it can’t be exposed to sunshine, so you can only use it indoors, don’t forget to use curtains in rooms in which the LVP flooring has been installed.

Can’t withstanding high-traffic

Although LVP flooring has a wear layer on it, we still do not recommend you apply it in a space with heavy traffic, The heavy traffic will cause more damage and reduce its life.


Which flooring is better

Both of them are budget and easy to install, you can choose depending on the style and patterns you like. If you need tile-like, then you can choose LVT, if you like wood pattern, the LVP is more suitable.


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