How To Deep Clean Vinyl Floors – Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Vinyl flooring become a popular choice due to their affordable price ,versatility,aesthetics and low maintenance. Every homeowner wishes for home to attractive and clean especially when visitors come. Before we discuss how to do a deep cleaning for vinyl floors ,It’s vital to emphasize that preventive maintenance in daily life is much more effective than any cleaning. Prevent early, stay worry-free. You can extend the lifespan of vinyl flooring through minimizing the cleaning requirements. It’s crucial to grasp the recommended flooring maintenance practices provided by the flooring manufacturer, this minimize the chances of damages to your flooring.

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Specific Methods

The usual way to clean vinyl flooring is plain water and sponge mop , most of housewives use this method promptly wipe away spills whenever they happened. However, they are a lot more cleaning methods that can be used when cleaning your vinyl floors. But some of these methods methods are far from enough when deep cleaning your vinyl floors. The following are tips and techniques that are worth to know when complex situations occur.

  1. Using a soft nylon brush combined with some household solvents can remove most types of stains.
  2. Nail polish stains can be removed with a nail polish remover that contains acetone.
  3. Crayon and marker stains can be removed with some mineral essential oil.
  4. Lipstick and Ink stains can be removed by using rubbing alcohol.
  5. Stubborn dirt can be gently scrubbed off by using a soft bristle brush.
  6. The spilled food dried over time,if you want to remove the food stains Warm water and baking soda can do the trick.
  7. If you want to use Eco-friendly cleaning solution to mop floors, You can try to put hot water into apple cider vinegar ,Next you will see something magical happen .
  8. You can rinse the dirty area by spraying dish soap and water first and vinegar cleaning solution next.
  9. If your vinyl floor lacks shine, You can try adding drops of baby oil to the cleaning mixture.
  10. Make sure that the dust hiding under furniture and in corners can be vacuumed first.

Stain Removal Tips
1. 3% hydrogen peroxide: Particularly effective in removing coffee stains, nail polish and blood stains.
2. Stain remover powder: Especially effective in removing oil stains, food stains and water stains.
3. Soda water: It is particularly effective in removing oil, fat and sugar stains.
4. High-concentration vinegar & lemon juice: Especially effective in removing water stains caused by hard water, such as sinks, toilets and glass.
5. Ice cubes: It is particularly effective in removing tar, wax, and glue. Ice cubes harden these stains and make them easier to remove.
6. Alcohol: Particularly effective in removing ink.

Crayon and marker stains


What Not To Do

There are several precautions to keep in mind when cleaning vinyl floors.

  1. Do not use ammonia-based cleaning solutions because it can break down materials and cause floor cracks.
  2. Although bleach can solve some issues, it can cause more damage to your floor, so its use is also not suggested, avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the protective layer of the floor.
  3. Avoid soaking your vinyl. Excessive wet in the mop will seep into the edges ans seams.
  4. Try to avoid using tools such as scrub brushes as much as possible. Improper use may also result in scratches on the floor.
  5. Try to avoid using soap-based cleaners as they may attract more dust and dirt.
  6. If you can’t control the steam mop’s temperature effectively, please avoid using it, because high temperatures can damage the surface of vinyl flooring.
  7. Avoid waxing your floor unless it has lost its shine. In general, wax does not adhere well to the coating.

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Preventative Maintenance

1.Cleaning Routine

The most important thing to do when maintaining your vinyl floors to ensure that you have a cleaning routine. Religiously cleaning your vinyl floors ensures that they stay clean and reduces risks of wearing off easily. When cleaning it is highly advisable to use a soft brush other than a hard one. The reason being, take for instance PVC vinyl floors has a wear layer that is thinner and the moment you use a hard brush you make your floors susceptible to wearing off. On the other hand, SPC vinyl’s are made of stone powder which is more durable as compared to PVC vinyl but they still require that you use a rather soft brush when cleaning.  Instead of using hard brushes on all your vinyl floors you can substitute with the continuous use of soft brushes of hoovers which have since been proven to be good for the vinyl floors.

Once you are done using a dry brush to sweep through your vinyl floors.

You can make use of a dry mop to effectively pick up any remaining particles. This process ensures that your floors are left free from any loose tiny dirt leaving your floors looking clean. For those stubborn stains that are quite resistant to basic cleaning, you can make use of recommended detergent. Gently scrub the area with a soft cloth and avoid application of too much pressure that could potentially damage the floors, Remember to effectively clean and leave the floor dry. It is imperative to note that PVC vinyls are quite easier to clean using a dry mop because it comes with a protective wear layer making them anti sustainable. Some even have a UV layer coating making them smooth as compared to concrete floors.


2.Protection Against Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight poses as a negative effect on vinyl flooring. Floors that are directly subjected to sunlight start to lose color and turn into an unusual yellowish color that is rather not pleasing. If the area you are staying in has a high concentration of sunlight you may need to pay careful attention on the type of vinyl floors you purchase. Quite fortunately most vinly floors come with a UV coating which is pretty much a protective layer against sunlight, too much sunlight will eventually result in wearing off and color fading. Here are some of of the guidelines on how you can protect your floors from direct sunlight.

You can make use of window blinds as compared to the normal windows. Blinds are effective in making sure there is no to minimum direct sunlight coming into the house and directly harming your floors. Also you can make use of good quality curtains this way, there wont be any direct sunlight penetrating your floors


3.Avoid Scratching

Although vinyl floors are quite durable and with anti-scratch properties, it is important that you look out for elements that can scratch your floors and eventually resulting in fading. This is applicable not only to vinly floors but to all kinds of floors. That being said, these are some factors you need to consider in a bid to avoid scratching on the vinyl floors:

Apply protective “feet” on the legs of furniture to avoid scratches.

Trim your pet’s nails regularly.

Silent pad


4.Avoid Excessive Moisture

PVC vinyl floors contain a glue down or what is known as peel and stick. While these are quite water resistant, excessive moisture is harmful to vinyl floors and when constantly subjected to excessive moisture, they will eventually start to wear off. Once the glue starts to wear off this will affect the general condition of the vinyl floors and even result in a humid infested smell. In order to avoid this, it is important that you wipe your floors immediately after taking a shower. Ensure that you leave the floors as dry as possible. In the event of a water spill, make sure you dry the affected area with a dry cloth and leave no residue to water around that area. In areas such as your bathroom or beneath your kitchen sinks, you can make use of waterproof mats that will ensure that you retain moisture.


5.General Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your vinyl floors is very important despite these floors being highly durable.  In those times when you renovate your houses, it is imperative that you also check your vinyl floors if they are still in a good position. These periodic inspections are very important in ensuring your floors are up to speed. Make use of flooring accessories that will not only increase durability of your floors but will also ensure they stay up to standard.

There is no need to make use of any wax or floor polish on your vinyl floors, just a simple clean up using a dry mop and soft brush is enough to keep them looking fresh and nice.

It is important to always follow guidelines, instructions and recommendations from your manufacturer on how to effectively maintain your vinyl floors. This is highly so because each type of vinyl has a unique way on how to be maintained so it is highly important that you follow those guidelines from your manufacturer.


6.Make Use Of Finishing Accessories

After installation of your vinyl floors, make sure you install some vinyl flooring accessories .  Vinyl flooring finishing accessories are specifically designed to enhance the installation and performance of vinyl flooring. These accessories are important and vital for the effective maintenance of vinyl floors. In this section we are going to dive more into why these accessories pllay a good role in our day to day maintenance of vinyl floors.

a)Transition and Edge Protection

Transition strips and edge trims for vinyl flooring create a seamless transition between different flooring surfaces or sections. They enable a smooth and visually pleasing transition between vinyl flooring and other forms of flooring, such as carpet, hardwood, or tile. These accessories help protect the vinyl flooring’s edges from chips, dents, and abrasion.


Vinyl flooring finishing accessories including baseboards, quarter rounds, and cove base complete the overall look of the floor. They fill the expansion gap between the flooring and the walls, giving it a clean and polished appearance. These accessories are available in a range of colors and designs, allowing you to match them to your vinyl flooring for a unified look. While these accessories are aesthetically pleasing to look at on your floor they make the maintenance of vinyl floors quite easier too.

Skirting boards and wall bases shield the bottom of the walls from damage caused by furniture, vacuums, or regular wear and tear. They work as a buffer, keeping the vinyl flooring from chipping or scuffing along the wall borders. These accessories help to the vinyl flooring’s long-term durability and upkeep.

c)Install padding or underlayment

Padding also known as Underlayment is an important vinyl flooring component that acts as a moisture barrier and helps to limit sound transmission. Moisture may seep through the subfloor and harm the vinyl flooring over time, thus utilizing a vapor barrier underlayment protects the flooring from moisture-related hazards. Furthermore, sound-dampening underlayment reduces noise and produces a calmer atmosphere. Although some people do not prefer padding, it is very important and ensures a lengthy lifespan of your vinyl flooring.

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Overall, before you order and purchase your vinyl flooring, here are some important points you need to take into consideration. Failure to do this due diligent may be detrimental to the ultimate maintenance of your vinly floors.

Firstly you nee to investigate and collect data: Begin by doing some research to learn about the many varieties and quality of vinyl flooring on the market. Look for well-known manufacturers or brands that provide high-quality vinyl flooring. Secondly you can consider your individual vinyl flooring wants and requirements. The intended function, the space or location where it will be put, the desired design or pattern, and your budget are all factors to consider. This will determine the type of flooring to install. For instance if the area has high traffic then you may want to buy flooring with a thicker core for example SPC.

Lastly, seek out reputable vendors or merchants who specialize in flooring products. Look for vinyl flooring selections from local home improvement stores, flooring specialist stores, or internet sellers.As mentioned earlier it would be highly advisable to buy your flooring from manufactures because they offer long term warranties which will help you for your flooring maintenance costs.In the event of any damages, they can provide replacements and in the event of any defects you can be compensated for free or for close to a little amount.

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