How To Install SPC Flooring

spc flooring


SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring has grown in popularity in recent years as its longevity, waterproof and easy of installation. Installing SPC flooring may be a reasonable undertaking with the appropriate instruction, regardless you are a skilled DIY lover or a first-time home renovation guy. We’ll lead you through the process of installing SPC flooring in this detailed step-by-step tutorial, assuring a successful and long-lasting outcome. The steps may be different depending on the tools that are available to you. So first, we will take a look at the tools.


Material and tool

Before you begin, acquire the necessary supplies and tools.

1.SPC flooring planks

2.Underlayment (if not attached to the SPC planks)

3.Measuring tape

4.Utility knife


6.Rubber mallet

7.Tapping block

8.Crosscut saw or jigsaw for cutting


10.Straight edge

11.Safety glasses

materials and tools


Install SPC Flooring

Step 1: Prepare the subfloor

The first to do, is to make sure that the sub-floor is clean, level and dry. By removing any temporary existing flooring, like carpets or tiles.Thoroughly clean the sub-floor to remove dirt and debris. It is important to apply leveling agent to your sub-floor if it is uneven. This helps to have a stable SPC flooring and makes it easy to install.

If you plan to install flooring over existing tile or flooring, please make sure none crack or nail on it.

Remove any furniture or flooring accessory to save whole installation time.

* Simple key points:

Clean away from any dents, water, dust, paint, oil etc.

Ground or existed cover material is even.

Assured removing all hurdle things in installation site.

prepare the sub floor


Step 2: Acclimate the flooring

Although this is not a mandatory, professionals recommend to unpack the flooring planks and allow at least 48 hours for your SPC flooring to adapt to the room’s temperature and humidity. This helps to avoid post-installation expansion or contraction.

You should check if it had obvious damage with surface or spc flooring click. Please contact flooring manufacturer or any reseller to find replacement solution if you find any flooring problem at this period.



Step 3: Install underlay

Roll out an appropriate underlay material if your SPC flooring does not come with one. Make sure it covers the whole floor, trimming any extra with a utility knife and gently overlapping seams. Although some people don’t like installing the padding or underlayment, it is important to reduce the noises.

Besides above, underlayment also supply more useful options, one of the major points is that it can support isolating ground moisture.


Step 4: Make your layout 

As vinyl flooring wood pattern had periodic competition, for example, SPC flooring which size 1220*180mm will had 5 pieces as one period competition. Trust me, it will help your space better visual effect.

From 4 steps above, all pre-installation works are done, we need install SPC flooring as follow steps one by one, you can do it alone or hire any professional team.


Step 5: Start with a straight edge

Begin the installation by locating one beiginning location on a wall. To ensure your first row of SPC planks is exactly aligned, start with a straight edge, such as a chalk line. Mark the starting wall with a modest gap (typically 1/4 inch) to accommodate for growth.


Step 6: Install the first row

Put the first SPC board alongside the beginning wall, tongue side towards the wall. Maintain a constant spacing between two planks. Slide the tongue of one plank into the groove of the preceding one to link them. Secure the joints securely using a rubber hammer and tapping block, leaving no obvious gaps.

install the first row


Step 7: Cut planks for the first row

The length of the final plank in the first row should be measured and marked. Cut the board to fit with a crosscut saw or jigsaw, leaving the same 1/4-inch space along the wall. Make certain that the cut end is facing the wall.


Step 8: Continue with the second row and beyond

Stagger the seams by at least 6 inches for the second and subsequent rows to produce a more sturdy and aesthetically beautiful design. Rep the installation procedure, connecting the tongue and groove of each plank as needed with spacers, a rubber mallet  and a tapping block.


Step 9: Trim door jambs and obstacles

Trim the SPC boards to fit when you approach door jambs or other impediments. Place a board next to the obstruction and indicate the area where it will be trimmed to fit around it. Make the necessary cuts using a utility knife to ensure a snug fit.



Step 10: Install the last row

Most of the time, you need to cut the entire length of the last row to fit against the opposing wall. As needed, measure and cut the boards to ensure they have the same 1/4-inch space along the wall. To tightly put the last row in place, use a draw bar and a rubber hammer.

Reattach or install flooring accessory around the room corner to complete the installation. This will conceal the expanding gap.

* Kind tips!

Please leave enough space around the corner at lease 5mm.

If you need install in big area,using T-molding to leave enough expansion space every 8 meters.

Don’t use hammer once if you found bigger joint opening or obvious height difference.If that situation happen,maybe your installation way had problem,please inquiry earlier.


Step 11: Clean and maintain

After installing your SPC flooring, thoroughly clean it to eliminate any installation residue. Sweeping or cleaning to remove dust and dirt is part of routine maintenance. Although SPC flooring is waterproof, spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid any damage.

As SPC flooring is waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-stain. It is easy to save time and cost to do maintenance.

* Please don’t use oil or chemical product to do cleaning, as it will damage flooring protective layer.

* Please use blinds to avoid direct sun expose.



SPC flooring installation may be a satisfying do-it-yourself effort that improves the aesthetic and practicality of your area. You may produce a professional-looking product with careful planning, exact measurements  and the proper equipment. Follow this step-by-step instruction to experience the advantages of long-lasting, waterproof and fashionable SPC flooring in your house.


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