How To Measure For Flooring Before Selecting One

Nowadays, more and more people will install flooring by themselves due to there are many new DIY flooring in the market, which are very easy to install. Like SPC flooring with click-lock system, peel and stick flooring, etc. But there are still have few points you need to consider before you start the project, hope this article will help you.

Measure for Flooring

Step 1: Prepare your tools

Measuring tape (or laser distance meter)

Pen and paper


Step 2: Start to measure

Suitable for all flooring types

Use a tape measure to get the length and width of your room, then you can calculate flooring square footage easily by multiplying them together. For example, if the room is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, so the square feet of this room are 200 (20×10).

But the shape of rooms is not always a standard square or rectangle, so how to calculate square footage for flooring with irregular shapes? Most of the time, you can divide flooring into several rectangles, and then add them all together. But how do we handle the circle or triangle shape? Please Use below equations:


circular room : 3.14 x radius x radius

Triangle room:  length×width/2


Step 3: Subtract the footprint of the fixed furniture

If you’re just prepared to install them on the existing floor, then you can choose to subtract the footprint of the fixed furniture.


Step4: Consider the wasted square footage

Add a 10% measurement than the actual because when installing flooring near walls and corners, we need to cut the flooring to ensure a tight fit. So there will be some wasted materials. There also may be situations like damaged materials or errors in operation.


Step 5: Consult a professional

If you are ready to buy and install flooring yourself, If you need support in your project, if you want to know what kind of flooring is suitable for you, if you want to know how many floors you need. You can contact us and we provide free consultation services. Helping you choose the flooring that’s best for you.

Measure Flooring


Understood the above steps, you will figure out square feet flooring you need to purchase.


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