LVT Flooring Manufacturer
LVT Flooring Manufacturer

What is LVT flooring

LVT flooring means Luxury Vinyl plank flooring. This a new generation of flooring which is well known for its highly durable and fashionable flooring solution that can resemble real wood or stone. LVT belongs to click floating resilient vinyl flooring.These are some of the main key points people are moving from using old flooring methods to LVT flooring.

  • Suitable for slightly uneven ground
  • Most PVC resin as raw material
  • Deeper surface texture
lvt flooring structure


Sometimes while you try to find LVT flooring information,antother word will come out,that is LVP flooring.We will explain the difference between these two first before more interesting details about LVT flooring.The difference can be seen obviously from the calling.LVT is short for luxury vinyl tile,it will represent tile shape flooring.LVP is short for luxury vinyl plank,it will represent wood plank shape flooring.Some people even consider these two the same and they is no problem in doing so.

LVT flooring installation

LVT flooring manufacturer specialist

Aolong Flooring has been in the vinyl flooring manufacturing field for almost 20 years now. We started our business locally in China and we grew to an international level distributing our vinyl flooring to different corners of the world. We have collaborated with many large, medium and small organizations around the world. We don’t only produce and supply LVT vinyl flooring, we also manufacture high-quality SPC flooring and Composite decking.

We are confident with our flooring products and our production abilities that’s why we always go an extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied with our flooring and service among lvt manufacturers. Below are some of the services we value

  • Professional sales and QC team
  • Quick response dial calling
  • Indoor and outdoor decoration solution
Calendering for lvt
This is the first step after PVC powder is mixed with other additional materials and reinforcements to form a liquid substance. The compounded PVC material is then fed into a calender machine. Multiple rollers in the calender compress and flatten the material into thin sheets. This procedure helps to the creation of a consistent thickness and a smooth surface texture.
Hot press for lvt
As the name means, this process involves the use of very high heating and pressure to fuse the three main flooring layers together, the core layer, vinyl decor layer and wear layer. process plays a significant role in the manufacturing of LVT flooring resulting in a high-quality and long-lasting product.
UV coating and annealing for lvt
After the flooring layers have been merged together, a UV-curable coating is added to the top surface, offers a protective layer against fading, discoloration and damage, increasing the flooring's lifespan. Annealing is a controlled heating and cooling process used to reduce internal stress and increase LVT flooring dimensional stability.
Balance for lvt
The balance process is a very important step during luxury vinyl plank flooring production. It minimizes common issues such as flooring expansion, contraction, warping or curling before and after the flooring is installed. The balance process maintains the flooring dimensions against factors like temperature and humidity fluctuations. At Aolong we make sure the balance process takes at list a minimum of 48 hrs.
Punch and profile for lvt
The Punch process involves large LVT flooring into smaller designs or shapes in form of planks or tiles. Profile involves the click LVT flooring had been finished.We still need check the clicked sample had height difference and jointing gap issues as normal quality step.Usually we can set it the size of LVT flooring as 1220*180 mm as the limitation of punch mould.
Packaging for lvt
This is usually the first process before the luxury vinyl plank flooring is stored in the warehouse or shipped to customers. In this stage, we carefully check the finished flooring, pack it in protective boxes and prepare the finished flooring for shipment and distribution. In this step, we also do OEM packaging and labeling for deeper service.

Customized your sole luxury vinyl flooring order now (3)

  • The colors, pattern texture and decor layer for your LVT flooring can be also be manufactured according to your specifications. We offer custom designed click LVT flooring services to accommodate those customer who need specified color or texture for their projects. We are ready to help you and your business good quality OEM services for all vinyl plank flooring orders.

  • We allow our customers to have a flexible choose on several LVT flooring which includes core thickness (3.0-5.0 mm)and wear layer thickness(0.3,0.5,0.7mm) too. We understand that different flooring projects may require specific requirements, so we give space to clients with such request.

  • Customized packaging and product labeling is one of our OEM flooring services we offer at Aolong. This service is not only limited to LVT flooring, but to all our flooring (SPC flooring and WPC decking). This include branding, labeling and packaging. This means, our clients will be able to provide a consistent and professional image to their consumers as a result of this.

Resilient click luxury vinyl flooring

Suitable for uneven ground
It is cost high to do even concrete construction in some countries, as LVT flooring meaning is soft click vinyl plank flooring. If your ground had little even problems, LVT flooring will be best choose. That will be shorter consider of whole budget.
Most PVC resin as raw material
As its major core is made of PVC layers,there are about 3-5 layers up and down from glass fiber layer.That is the reason why it can be called resilient vinyl plank flooring.
Deeper surface texture
Instead of extruding surface roll,luxury vinyl plank flooring use full wood pattern steel plate to create deeper surface texture no matter EIR or common embossed one.That is bigger step in the way of simulating true wood flooring.
Design Variety
We offer a wide range of designs of LVT flooring . This allows creative possibilities, enabling homeowners and designers to find the perfect flooring option to match their preferences.Except common hundreds of decor choose,Aolong also accept customized flooring decor service.
Waterproof & Durability
Waterproof is one tipical characteristic for vinyl flooring series.Get away of scratch, stain, dent and wet trouble,Aolong Flooring supply 20 years for residential and 15 years for commercial.
Easy Installation & Maintenance
This adaptability allows for simple installation and allows DIY enthusiasts to complete small and even commercial projects without need of a specialist or a professional team.Typically, simple cleaning is adequate,chemical or oil is not allowed.
LVT Flooring Machine

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How long does Luxury vinyl flooring last ?

The durability of LVT flooring varies according to the quality of the item, the amount of walking on it and the level of care offered. Our LVT flooring has a warranty of 15 years for commercial and 20 years for residential.

How is LVT flooring installed ?

Luxury vinyl flooring can be installed by click which is ok for any DIY application.

Can Luxury vinyl flooring be installed in any space ?

Yes, LVT flooring is adaptable and may be installed in various rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even basements.

Is click LVT flooring had any special series ?

Yes, you can enjoy LVT herringbone flooring series.

How can I be your LVT flooring wholesale ?

Thanks for your trust, we will have salesman contact you to provide the detail procedure.

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