Aolong material

Quality is the long-term growth plan of every business. The material has a direct relationship with the level of quality. In China, there is an ancient proverb that goes, “One wise woman cannot cook without rice.” Each raw material is qualified and sample tested by Aolong. We are unable to alter material suppliers in order to lower the selling price. That will result in pricing competition on the flooring field. It is not a healthy competition path, and the benefits are limited.


Main vinyl flooring material (3)

  • wood fiber

    Polyvinyl chloride resin is the most important material due to its low cost and outstanding thermoplastic performance. The ultimate selling price of completed flooring will be affected by large pricing differences.

    It is the cause of the distinction between resilient and rigid vinyl flooring. Stone power will account for at least 70% of the SPC flooring series. Stone powder has less than 10% hardness in other series.

  • hdpe

    Even major composition of wear layer is still polyvinyl chloride, wear layer will be higher cost than same thickness PVC layer. Please note 0.3mm is enough for residential space and light commercial areas.

    As printed flooring decor film, the major composition also is polyvinyl chloride. It shows different wood, tile, carpet pattern and style.

  • package auxiliary material

    It involves a fumigation-free pallet, strip, box, PE foam, and label paper. Sometimes airbag will be another protective step while loading the container.

Main composite decking material (3)

  • pvc resin&stone powder

    It is the finest alternative to wood. It also has a significant impact on the final economic selling price. Composite decking may keep rich wood texture and capped protective layer due to 60% existence.

  • wear layer&decor film

    PVC resin is a common material for interior flooring, and it also has 100% plastic PVC decking. However, when it comes to composite decking, it is unquestionably HDPE plastic material.

  • package

    Bulk package with PE foam,boxes for resale.Don’t forget decking accessory while loading.

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