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Quality Control

Aolong cares

Aolong cares

Green producing

Raw material waste

Working efficiency

Company reputation

Main checking machine

Length, width, thickness check within tolerance
Gloss test
Matt gloss with 4-8°
Boiling machine
Dimensional stability test
Castor chair
Simulate actual used condition test
Tensile Strength Test Equipment
Peel strength for different layers
Martindale Abrasion Tester
Anti abrasive performance test

Checking method (3)

  • Fixed time checking will support regular documentary check, it is also easy to source the responsible person.

  • Random selection check will support any accident situation happen, aolong will make sure each detail can be matched the right requirement.

  • Fully check we used will not take too much time and cost, we should make sure each piece of plank flooring will not have basic surface problems.

Raw material inspection

This is the first key check step. Raw material checks will assure the production process is smooth. For the flooring field, we only cooperated with trusted suppliers and follow documents to check.

Raw material inspection
qualtiy check

Production inspection

It will be too late if we found the problem after the product is finished. For flooring, colors and click affect flooring performance. Aolong will have fixed hours to check for UV coating and profiling.

Package inspection

After packaging, each plank needs to be glanced to check if it had surface problems. Dent, scratch and shinning points are not allowed with skilled workers inspection. After packaging, we need to check the sticker label and marking before entering the warehouse.

flooring quality check


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