Quality Of Vinyl Flooring-How To Test?

Quality Of  Vinyl Flooring  Instruction

When it comes to home decoration or commercial area design, flooring covering material will take important roles. Then you will have extensive choose for different material and same material different construction. You need check budget, style, succeeded cases around you etc. To be honest, that is really long lasting fuss task.

But if you are already in the sides of vinyl flooring, Aolong will give detail instructions to support checking quality without extra payment. Please share this article to your friend circle who had decoration plan. To save your valuable time, let’s begin!

office flooring

Vinyl flooring will separate resilient and rigid core, click and none click. Then you will find general instructions for all vinyl flooring series. One instruction for one fixed type flooring. Please direct skip to your preferred type, welcome call us for further video display.


General Instructions For Checking Quality

a) Flooring Scratch Test

Sharp corner furniture and pet paw is common met during home life and public area. Scratch damage will cause obvious surface dent especially for darker decor film.

Prepare one of sharp end objects like the key, knife or something else. Check if it had obvious dent after many times hand moving.

Flooring Scratch Test

b) Flooring Waterproof Test

Vinyl flooring is waterproof as it is all plastic material thermoplasticed. This basic performance is the one which reach the consensus in the market. But if you still doubt with that, you can also test with simple way.

Prepare two same pieces sample, immerse one of them into the water for 48 hours or longer time. To the end,put these two pieces into the flat ground. Touch end of flooring to check if it had height difference or you can direct use the machine to check thickness change if possible.

Flooring Waterproof Test

c) Flooring Castor Chair Test

For castor chair test, it had fixed detail standard to test with relative machine. But how do you test the flooring in your home.

Prepare at least 2 piece width sample, install the sample if it had click. Use the chair to slide at high frequency. Check surface change after one period.

Flooring Castor Chair Test

d) Flooring Anti Stain Test

Choose the objects around you like kitchen liquid seasoning, coffee, milk, etc.Try to clean them at once, clean time at 1 hours or longer time. Easy to clean and maintenance is one of vinyl flooring advantage, you must test it yourself.

Flooring Anti Stain Test


Instructions For Glue Down Flooring(none click resilient flooring)

Glue down vinyl plank flooring can be used for big area with economic cost. It can show vibrant pattern including wood, tile, carpet, even customized fashion one.

a) Flooring resilient test

1. Roll into one circle as below operation.If it can’t be done like this, then this sample in your hand had too more recycled material.

2. Try to break the corner, if it can be broken down easily, that will not called”good quality vinyl flooring”.

Flooring resilient test

b) Flooring surface

Check the surface up to the light, if you find big area shinning, that will be glue down vinyl plank flooring without UV coating to save the cost.

Flooring surface


Instructions For SPC Flooring And LVT(rigid and resilient flooring)

a) Flooring click test

1. Click hardness test

Click flooring thickness will start at minimal 3.7 mm. Check click hardness with hand.

2. Installation test

Install two piece with same thickness, it is better to choose two full plank pieces. You can check height difference and opening gap after installation.

Flooring click test


b) Flooring water leakage

Prepare water,two piece flooring, one dry paper or tissue. Put the dry paper or tissure on the table, make sure installed two pieces sample is above it. Pour water into installed click place, check the dry paper or tissue had wet dent after 10 minutes or longer time.

Flooring water leakage


Time goes fast, we had to finish this one, as factory is on busy producing schedule, we need arrange order schedule and do management with new and old orders. If you fell above words is not enough, welcome call us to get one to one service.

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