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What we have for SPC flooring ?

What is SPC flooring, or what does SPC flooring mean? Simply put, SPC flooring is rigid core flooring. Since 2015, SPC flooring has been a hot seller all over the world, and it continues to be the best seller in every country market. Special types of SPC flooring are also available, as seen below. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific purchasing needs. SPC flooring dominates the market, and it may even be used as a replacement for laminate flooring. The reason for this is that it is less expensive and more durable than other series floors.

What makes us stand out ?

At Aolong Flooring, we are dedicated in producing the greatest SPC vinyl flooring that will satisfy our clients and provide you with the best services a business can provide. Our research and development team is made up of highly qualified people that are specialists in the SPC vinyl flooring manufacturing field. We are well-equipped to manage even the most complicated SPC flooring OEM projects and mass production due to our significant expertise. Our SPC flooring factory is equipped with advanced machinery, we have full control over our SPC manufacturing line, from raw materials processing until the SPC flooring is packed and ready to ship out. This illustrates our main advantages as manage product quality, lower pricing, high-quality raw materials, manufacturing cost control, etc.

SPC flooring producing process

SPC flooring undoubtedly serves as a common choice for flooring for reside covering. As a dedicated SPC flooring factory, we adhere to stringent internal QC management procedures at every stage. Quality stands as a cornerstone for our company's success. By understanding this aspect, you'll grasp the essence of SPC flooring, and your supplier will be devoid of excuses that could potentially lead to order delays. Our standard delivery time for each batch of SPC flooring is approximately 30-40 days. However, once the initial extrusion process begins, the timeline significantly shortens to 10-15 days, contingent upon the quantity of SPC flooring in your order. Throughout this journey, every step is meticulously managed. A comprehensive understanding of the SPC flooring production process is provided below for clarity.
What is spc flooring made of ?

What is spc flooring made of

Wear layer

Transparent roll for wear layer, 0.3 mm is enough for home decoration and light commercial application. If you need heave traffic area, please choose 0.5 mm for your SPC flooring order.

Decor film

You will find wood,tile,even carpet pattern in SPC flooring surface. Well,it is the different decor film showing. That will makes SPC flooring also can simulate ceramic, marble or the other type home decoration material.
If you worry about delivery time,please note that we will do frequent circulation management for film inventory.Then we short at least 20 days for waiting film factory working schedule.

SPC core

For spc flooring, one rigid core flooring because of stoner powder, but PVC resin had important role for quality performance.
Usually white core will represent virgin material for SPC flooring. Please check each batch white color tone to make sure quality stability.

Gloss confirmation

Matt gloss is common choose for SPC flooring order. We will use photometer to make sure the gloss is in the right area. Or you will see the final color differ. High gloss is mostly used into laminate flooring series, for vinyl flooring,Matt gloss is enough.


SPC flooring is one of the biggest important flooring covering material, so we will consider different performance according to actual using application.
As home decoration material, we cares about anti-stain performance. As SPC flooring manufacturer, We also can supply SUPER ANTI STAIN flooring surface effect.


It don’t have many chance to meet sharp thing in common used,but in case it happened,don’t worry,our SPC flooring is anti-scratch one.Your SPC flooring order can be customized even different function UV coating.

UV light

Surface of SPC flooring will take twice UV light to solidify the paint layer. After UV coating finished, we will had fixed step to compare the sample color to producing color. As each batch flooring order color unity is one of basic request for mid man sales.


SPC flooring meaning like thermoplastic processing. SPC flooring should be laying at least 48 hours in winter and 72 hours in summer. That will be helpful to release internal pressure of SPC flooring.

Sawing into small planks

You will receive 5 pieces of none competition pattern SPC vinyl plank flooring as common width is 180mm. If your width is 152mm like herringbone common width, you will receive 6 or even 12 pieces different pattern planks.


SPC flooring should be checked height difference and opening gap as selective test after profiling. SPC flooring will be click floating one,so it will be suitable choose for DIY home decoration. Unilin click is best choose if the ground can’t be 100% even situation.

Painted bevel

Both two treatment after profiling are not necessary options.We will choose closest paint in four sides of plank or tiles,it will support height difference issue.


Padding will involve EVA,IXPE,CORK for basic material.Usually 1.0mm IXPE is the hot selection.


If SPC flooring order had none padding request,the rest part is package. We can support SPC flooring package designation according to personal style.The material of package box also can be customized.
Most of all,each piece of SPC flooring plank will be checked if it had obvious surface problems. Each pallet of flooring will be protected in case of any impact no matter in the warehouse or loading into the container.


What set us apart from the rest?

Unlike other manufacturing companies, we always go above and beyond to guarantee you have the finest business experience while dealing with us for all of your flooring needs. We will receive the other customer give us the feedback “why the others don’t have “, please take one glance at which part you only can enjoy here. We acknowledge that each customer is unique and has special needs on their SPC flooring supply. Either it’s vinyl flooring for wholesale or small project we take the time to understand your requirements and adapt our solutions to meet them. Your deserve all perfect service,welcome any further improvement advice at the same time.
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Call center support
Our international customer support is always ready to asset you on voice and video Calls. A member of our foreign sales staff (Terry) is always accessible for phone or video calls, and can even offer you a live-stream factory tour. We always work closely with you to understand your request for SPC flooring, whether you are small or commercial client. Also, this personalized approach helps build rapport and trust, fostering stronger customer relationships.
Free sample
You can test our SPC vinyl flooring quality, functionality and suitability before committing to a purchase. Our free samples show our confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our products. Whether you're searching for a certain type, style or variant of SPC flooring,our massive collection of samples assures that you'll be able to identify the best suit for your needs. Our free samples allow you to explore the different possibilities and choose the best SPC flooring for your needs.
Timely delivery
When you choose our SPC flooring, you can count on our commitment to punctuality and fast delivery. We our experience in export, we have many reliable shipping partners that always delivery on time globally. By prioritizing on timely delivery, we managed to help you increase client satisfaction, improve our reputation as a company, establish good partnership loyalty and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
100% Virgin raw material
Our SPC flooring life-span is highly guaranteed because we use 100% virgin raw materials. We also go a step further by customizing your SPC flooring core according to you specifications if requested. Because our SPC flooring is assembled with 100% virgin materials, it prevents the flooring from expanding or contracting due to variations in temperature or humidity changes, making it suitable for environments with fluctuating moisture conditions.
Premium services
Instead of relying solely on phone or email communication, you can directly interact with our customers at their project location. This allows us to assess our client’s specific needs for their SPC flooring, offer tailored recommendations and address any concerns or questions they may have in real-time. Our team of expect can visit your project or business site and assist you with installation tips and guide if requested by client. Premium services and onsite visits give us a competitive advantage in the SPC flooring manufacturing industry.
Multlple flooring types
At Aolong, we don’t only produce SPC flooring. We also manufacture different varieties of vinyl flooring, such as PVC flooring and WPC decking. We manufacture these vinyl floors in a variety of patterns and designs, providing you a larger selection to choose from. By producing multiple flooring types, we can cater to a wider range of customer needs and preferences. Some people will use outdoor decoration, at the same time, they will need indoor decoration.Welcome to contact us further to get your one -stop decoration solution.

Product features

If you have a basic understanding of the SPC flooring functioning process, you will know that it will have increasingly important qualities that will lead to this series product being totally recognized by the market. That is also why SPC flooring will be able to capture the non-vinyl flooring industry. Different results will lead to a final decision about the quality of SPC flooring. Even if you only have a little piece of sample, it is simple to test for waterproof, stain resistance, and scratch resistance using simple instruments.Of course, as an SPC flooring provider, we do this test on our own.Please contact us if you require additional movies.
Our SPC flooring 100% water proof which makes it suitable to install in Bathroom,kitchens or the other wet area. “waterproof”had became one fixed index to check the flooring covering material,that is not only for SPC vinyl flooring,even the laminate,you also can seek waterproof laminate flooring without consideration for price. All the vinyl flooring no matter rigid core flooring or resilient one,as all different layers is plastic component,so it all share the waterproof performance.
Our SPC flooring is scratch resistance flooring because of UV coating.Wear layer is the second protective layer for decor film. As home decoration material you should pay attention to common maintenance,but if you need moving furniture or any accident,don’t worry,the SPC flooring had two protective layers on surface.Welcome inquiry us more if you need strong scratch resistance one.
Our SPC flooring had texture surface treatment like embossed or EIR,which means the surface is full of concave and convex.SPC flooring will be better choose especially you had child or old man in your family.Which means even you are only barefoot walking,it is also ok after you choose SPC flooring. In some special project application like hospital,kindergarten,they will had restrict regulation for flooring covering material anti slip performance.We had enough experience with project business,welcome contact us if you facing any problem now.
Our SPC flooring has a relative smooth finish that makes cleaning easy with a wet mop or vacuum effortlessly.Please note don’t use oil or anything to make special maintenance.Any chemical products will had possibility to damage surface paint. Welcome contact us to get more document about installation or maintenance.We will in charge of further after sales service.
Our SPC flooring with padding in the backside can be soundproof,it will makes full consideration for your family or any apartment project.Furthermore,it can solve the uneven ground problem slightly. Among basic three type padding,1.0mm IXPE is common choose for update flooring level as one economic way.
Our SPC flooring is child and pet friendly,as the producing process had none glue procedure,it will be away from formaldehyde.Even SPC flooring with padding series we will use environmental glue. Besides above,the other characters like anti slip,anti stain..It will help to protect child and save housework.

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