SPC VS LVT Flooring: How To Choose?


The introduction of vinyl flooring has opened up on a wider diversity in the flooring industry. A few years back tile were the ultimate sophistication of most homes but that has since changed as most home owners are gravitating towards different types of vinyl flooring. These floors offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing choice as each vinyl floor has its own unique properties. Here we will look closely into two types of vinyl flooring which are LVT and SPC. By the end of this article you will have a clear view on these two types of vinyl flooring and be able to distinguish them based on their distinctive qualities.



What Is LVT Flooring

LVT simply translates to Luxury Vinyl Tile. This type of flooring take the resemblance of natural materials such as stone, wood, marbles etc. It also contains wear layer which automatically makes it highly durable among other things. This type of flooring is highly stretch resistant making it one of the best flooring choice. LVT flooring is cost efficient meaning you can get this luxury flooring and not rob a bank at the same time. Highly durable, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing. If this is what you consider when buying your flooring, then LVT is the best choice for you.

How to produce it?

What Is SPC Flooring

SPC flooring which is made up of Stone Polymer Composite thus the name SPC. This type of flooring emanates from a combination of limestone and some plastic stabilizers which eventually results in flooring planks that are thin but with a highly dense core. This dense core is what makes SPC flooring much more resilient and waterproof. SPC flooring is widely used the whole of the world in vinyl flooring market.It goes without any doubt as it affordable price and bigger choose space.

How to produce it?


Now that we have a clear understanding of what is LVT and SPC flooring, lets now dive into the differences and similarities between the two floors. This will help you get an understanding of the best flooring type based on your requirements and preferences.


What are the differences between LVT flooring and SPC flooring


There is a quite distinctive difference in the composites that make up LVT and SPC flooring. LVT is made up of 4 layers which are a resilient backing layer, core layer, photographic layer and the coating layer. The combination of these layers result in a much more soft and flexible finish. On the other hand, SPC flooring which unlike LVT contains a stone core which makes it harder and more rigid. By visually looking at the two types of flooring, you can clearly see that SPC flooring is much thicker that the soft luxury vinyl flooring. This explains why LVT is more comfortable flooring than SPC which in most houses people have to add on a carpet on top for that comfort ability. So if you look into the composition that makes up these two types of flooring you can clearly notice the difference between LVT and SPC.


2.Comfort and Sturdiness:

Another difference between LVT and SPC flooring is based on the sturdiness of the flooring. This again is solely as a result of the composition that makes up the types of flooring. For instance, LVT flooring is much more softer which automatically makes it less sturdy but yet comfortable. However as previously mentioned, SPC flooring has a rigid core which makes it the most sturdy choice. If you are looking for flooring in a house with too much movement then you may want to get SPC flooring. This is because it is not susceptible or prone to damage caused by continuous movements of people or furniture. This can also be the best flooring in warehouses or office spaces .



It is important to note that whilst LVT is considered to be water resistant, it is however not waterproof , you may need to find special varieties that can be considered as waterproof. On the contrary, SPC flooring are not only water resistant but are also highly waterproof. This makes them the best choice of flooring for any room in the house that is kitchens or even washing room areas.

spc flooring waterproof


LVT flooring can be installed through a simple glue down process. This makes installation very easy and simple. For home owners who enjoy DIY , LVT flooring is the best based on its ease of installation. SPC is a quite rigid type of flooring meaning it cannot stretch or fold. It only requires you to glue down according to the surface measurements. Contrary, LVT flooring is much more flexible and can be installed by either glue down or click system. It also requires that the surface before installation is devoid of any irregularities as it takes the shape of the subfloor. In most cases you may need a qualified expert to do the installation of the luxury vinyl tiles to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Similarities between LVT vs SPC.



Both LVT and SPC flooring are highly durable. This is because of the compositions that make up the two different flooring types. While SPC is considered as most durable, LVT provides a good value for money based on its aesthetically pleasing finish. Both flooring can be found installed in high traffic areas because they can withstand d the pressure caused by continuous movements of people and furniture.


6.Aesthetics and Styles:

Both LVT and SPC can e found in a wide variety of styles and designs. They both provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your flooring as they can be found is wood, stone, marble and even abstract designs. These types of flooring are perfect for new homeowners who are looking at making their home sophisticated with a luxurious look.




In conclusion, there are so many pros and cons to consider when choosing the type of flooring for your home. This has been a clear insight on what to consider when you want to buy either LVT or SPC flooring.

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