Every person who is doing vinyl flooring business, no matter distributor, retailer or contractor. They should be familiar with the words SPC and WPC. Even if you are an end user client, you can come across these words no matter which apps you are searched for. China Aolong Flooring is going to explain deeper about WPC and SPC in this blog posts. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email. Our team will aim to respond to your inquiries within 18 hours.

Today we will share the detail explanation for these two vinyl plank flooring. You will find common sides and different sides between them, you are welcome to call Aolong English centre if you still had any confusion after reading below.

wpc vs spc




SPC, short for stone plastic component, is considered to be the best indoor vinyl plank flooring world wide. Among all vinyl flooring series, SPC takes almost 60-70% of the global market, the remaining will be LVT click, LVT glue down, and WPC flooring. China Aolong Flooring has done totally specific works on other pages, please click and check if you are interested in the material, production process, and customized options.

WPC flooring, someone can explain it as a wood plastic component just follow SPC flooring. To be clear, there is no wood substance contained inside the WPC flooring. Aolong will call it “warm plastic component” flooring. It will be mixed with WPC decking, as for composite decking, the material WPC had 60% wood powder inside it.

Actually, you will not find so many WPC flooring suppliers in China, as indoor WPC flooring is mostly exported to North America and Austria area. As the importing cost, WPC flooring will be treated like the best resilient vinyl plank flooring.

spc floor




1. Construction

The vinyl flooring series will give you the biggest choice space after generation endeavor. All vinyl flooring needs to share the same top three layers.


Wear layer

Decor film

2. Property

The same part of layers will make the same properties like anti-scratch, anti-stain, and varies color tones. (Both of) These two types of flooring can be used in any residential and commercial applications. As price and thickness differ, hybrid SPC plank will be used for more commercial traffic, and hybrid WPC plank will be the home or apartment contractor’s priority choice.

3. Click floating installation

Both of series enjoy four sides click, which means it can be installed easily. Please note that 4.0mm SPC flooring can be cut with one knife, but WPC vinyl flooring needs relative machines to support cutting, you still need one professional team.

4. Long time service life and less maintenance 

Compared with other indoor flooring covering material, engineered, timber, and laminate flooring. All vinyl flooring shares a longer warranty time. Facing temperature and humidity changes, they always keep the better performance, and let you away from repair or replacement trouble. Fewer maintenance jobs attracted lots of new guys falling into the vinyl flooring business field. Vinyl plank flooring doesn’t need oil, or any chemical products, is clean in time, water trouble, etc.

wpc floor structre




1. Thickness

SPC flooring can be made into 3.7/4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0/7.0/8.0mm,4.0 will be mostly chosen among the above thickness scale. WPC vinyl flooring can be made into 5.5/6.5/7.0mm. That is also one of the reasons those two flooring prices differ. Both series can add padding on the backside to add a much better foot feeling and reduce noise.

2. Core

SPC flooring core material will be mostly stone powder, it also can be called rigid vinyl plank flooring. The core color will be grey or white.WPC vinyl flooring core material will be mostly PVC resin, WPC vinyl flooring will have better feet feeling and soft bending shape because of extra foam lubricant. The core color will be yellow mostly.

3. Producing process

SPC can be extruded in one piece to shorten the delivery time, WPC vinyl flooring only can be hot pressed for different layers by labor. That will make better surface texture.

4. Market around the world

Firstly, we need to recognize that even the same calling doesn’t mean that will be the same thing. For example, In the Philippine market, they call laminate flooring WPC flooring. Aolong respect every country market choose. We need to follow that country’s calling to do business.

Second, except in North America and Australia WPC vinyl flooring is sold in the market, the other area always treats SPC flooring as a priority. For the rest, we must admit LVT flooring is increasing in Singapore and EURO.

Measure flooring




From the words above, you should know how to judge SPC flooring and WPC vinyl flooring in one eye. We just list enough details of these two flooring, but we don’t judge which one is better. How to choose them when you have flooring decoration requests?

Back to the hot topic question: which is better WPC or SPC flooring? Here is our option. Welcome more people who doubt can send us an email to change ideas as we all love flooring.

It is not hard to find that SPC and WPC both have attractive advantages. You can choose according to your budget, inventory situation, hand-touch feeling, and friends’ recommendations. But we can’t say SPC flooring is better than WPC in price or WPC flooring is better than SPC as better using feeling. That is the greatness of the Chinese flooring industry, we allow & create a mass of market choose. Each industry had a strong back in China, you had a strong back with us too. Wish everyone in the world can get your satisfied flooring decoration and a happy family!


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