Complete Guide: Composite Decking Prices And Costs

The number of homeowners choosing to install composite decking continues to grow each year. Simulating wood pattern with 3D surface effect,composite decking will be more easy to repair and maintenance.

It’s also more eco-friendly since many composite decking products contain recycled materials.



The Cost Of Composite Decking Per Square Foot

Purchasing source, decking quality, decking quantity will affect the unit price per square foot. It may be anywhere from $3 to $13. The following are some ballpark costs per square foot for well-known brands:

  • Trex Transcend: between $7 and $9 per square foot;
  • TimberTech Azek: $11–$13 per square foot;
  • Fiberon Paramount: $7–$9 per square foot;
  • TimberTech Legacy: $7–$12 per square foot;
  • Trex Enhance: $3–$5 per square foot;

It is not so hard to find that decking market supply enough big price choose space.Basic Value boards by Trex and TimberTech can be as little as $3 per square foot, while high-end boards with realistic wood grains and textures can cost $13 or more per square foot.

In general, composite decking cost rises with the quality, durability, and aesthetics. Premium boards hold up better, require less cleaning and contain more realistic wood visuals.


Cost To Build A Composite Deck

The total expenditure to construct a composite deck entail both the materials cost and installation labor fees. The key elements impacting the overall composite deck building budget are:

  • Square footage of the deck;
  • Ease of access to the deck site;
  • Complexity of the deck design;

For a straightforward rectangular composite deck situated on flat terrain, you can anticipate paying:

  • $15 to $30 per square foot for a small to medium-sized deck (up to 400 sq ft);
  • $10 to $25 per square foot for a large to extra-large deck (over 400 sq ft);

Keep in mind unique deck shapes, multiple levels, built-in benches and stairs will raise the final amount. Access obstacles like trees, slopes or power lines can also add expenses of $10 to $30 per square foot.

When planning your composite deck budget, be sure to allocate 10-15% extra for any unexpected costs during construction.


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Price Comparison Of Brands

While the cost difference between brands is not always significant, here is a general price comparison of the major manufacturers:

a) Trex

Known for their high-quality composite lumber and many product lines from low-cost to premium. Prices range from $3-$12 per square foot;

b) TimberTech

Offers premium capped composites along with budget-friendly options. Prices range from $3-$13 per square foot;

c) Fiberon

Focuses on high-end composite decking with excellent warranties. Average price is $7-$10 per square foot;


Leading manufacturer of PVC deck boards with realistic wood grain patterns. Prices range from $7-$13 per square foot;

e) MoistureShield

Specializes in composite boards with waterproof technology. Average cost is $4-$8 per square foot;

f) Aolong

An eco-friendly Chinese composite decking brand offering prices from $3-$8 per square foot. High quality for an affordable price;

While all these manufacturers produce high-quality products, Aolong distinguishes itself by providing composite decking at 20-30% less than big American brands. By keeping overhead costs low, Aolong can focus on environmentally sustainable decking at a price any homeowner can afford. They have a wide selection of composite boards in various colors and grain patterns to suit any budget.

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Factors That Affect Composite Deck Cost

Now that we’ve looked at average composite decking prices, let’s examine the details that impact your total installation cost:

1. Size of the Deck

The overall square footage of your new deck is the biggest variable in cost. Basic composite decking starts at around $15 per square foot for smaller decks. This per-square-foot price gradually decreases for larger deck projects.

2. Accessibility

Easy access to the site brings down installation costs. Decks built on flat, open ground are cheapest. Expenses go up if trees need to be removed, slopes graded or materials hauled long distances.

3. Decking Manufacturer

While there is some overlap in prices, opting for a premium decking brand will increase your square-foot costs. Also consider enhanced vs capped composite for the top decking layer.

4. Special Features

Stairs, railings, lighting, pergolas, kitchens and bars all bring up the price. Simple rectangular deck shapes are most affordable.

5. Complex Designs

Design style can be discovered by hollow core, capped coating, 3D embossed vivid wood texture. Each specification will fulfill composite decking complex deign.

6. Labor Costs

Shopping around for a good deck builder that offers fair pricing can yield big savings. Be sure to get an itemized estimate of both material and labor costs.

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How To Get The Best Price On Composite Decking

Here are 6 tips to help you get the highest quality composite deck for the lowest price:

  • Shop off-season when demand is lower;
  • Choose a smaller sized deck if possible;
  • Compare quotes from 3-4 different deck contractors;
  • Select a rectangular deck with no stairs or railings;
  • Consider an entry-level product line from TimberTech or Trex;
  • Install the deck yourself if you have the skills;

Investing in a composite deck costs a significant sum, but the project greatly enhances your outdoor living space and increases property value. By following these budget tips, you can enjoy all the benefits of low-maintenance, eco-friendly composite decking at a competitive price.


Cheap Composite Decking Options

If you’re looking for the most affordable composite decking, here are a few of the cheapest boards to consider:

a) Trex Enhance

Basic composite with classic wood tones. $3-$5 per square foot;

b) TimberTech Enhance

Durable boards with natural looking surfaces. $3-$4 per square foot;

c) Cali Bamboo

Imported composite decking with 50-year warranty. $2-$5 per square foot;

d) NewTechWood

Budget-friendly composite decking made with recycled plastic and wood. $3-$7 per square foot;

e) Everdeck

Value-priced composite deck boards with stain and fade warranties. $2-$6 per square foot;

f) ChoiceDek

Among the most affordable composites from overseas. $2-$5 per square foot;

g) Aolong

Low-cost Chinese brand with quality close to top US manufacturers. $2-$6 per square foot;

With square foot prices starting around $2, you can potentially build a basic 200 square foot composite deck for only $400-$600 in materials. That’s thousands less than premium composite decking.


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What Is The Cheapest Material For A Deck?

Beyond low-cost composite deck boards, what are the cheapest decking materials overall? Here are a few budget-friendly options:

1. Pressure-Treated Lumber

The least expensive deck wood at $3-$4 per square foot. Requires annual sealing/staining;

2. Cedar

Beautiful softwood that can cost as little as $5 per square foot. Needs periodic refinishing;

3. Redwood

A step up from cedar at $7-$12 per square foot. Low maintenance and naturally rot-resistant;

4. Plastic Deck Tiles

Interlocking tiles float over a subframe for quick DIY installation. Around $4-$8 per square foot;

5. Steel

Durable and long-lasting but susceptible to rust. Costs $3-$9 per square foot installed;

6. PVC Decking

Stiff polymer boards are up to $7 per square foot but need little maintenance;

While you can build a basic wooden deck for under $10 per square foot, keep in mind the continual upkeep expenses. Composite requires far less long-term maintenance while giving you greater design freedom.

An entry-level product like Trex Enhance starts around $5 per square foot but will last 25+ years with no sanding, staining, or sealing required. The durability and longevity make that initial investment worthwhile.


How Much Does Lowes Or Home Depot Charge For Composite Decking?

For DIY-friendly composite decking, check the prices at your local building supply retailers:


  • Trex Enhance: $2.98 per linear ft ($4.50 per sq ft);
  • TimberTech Enhance: $2.68 per linear ft ($5.36 per sq ft);
  • Fiberon Paramount: $4.98 per linear ft ($7.47 per sq ft);
  • Trex Transcend: $6.28 per linear ft ($9.42 per sq ft);

Home Depot

  • Trex Enhance: $2.67 per linear ft ($4 per sq ft);
  • TimberTech Terrain: $3.98 per linear ft ($5.97 per sq ft);
  • TimberTech Legacy: $6.75 per linear ft ($10.12 per sq ft);
  • Trex Select: $5.44 per linear ft ($8.16 per sq ft);

As you can see, prices are very similar at both big box stores. Selection varies slightly, with Lowe’s offering more Trex products and Home Depot carrying a wider range of TimberTech.

For the best value, look at the Enhance or Select lines from Trex along with TimberTech’s lower-priced offerings like Terrain. These entry-level boards still offer durability and low-maintenance at a budget-friendly price point for DIY installations.


Aolong-Affordable And Sustainable Composite Decking

As one of the largest composite decking manufacturers in China, Aolong builds eco-friendly deck boards at very competitive pricing. By keeping their overhead costs low and specializing in composite lumber manufacturing, Aolong passes the savings on to customers worldwide.

Boasting cutting-edge facilities and advanced German extrusion technology, Aolong creates durable and stable deck boards with high-quality construction. Their decking features wood grain patterns, natural color palettes, and slip-resistant surfaces safe for pets and kids.

Aolong composite decking costs 20-30% less than comparable American brands. Offering prices from only $2 to $6 per square foot, Aolong makes it easy to get premium composite boards on nearly any budget.

In addition to affordability, sustainability is a core value for Aolong. Their composite manufacturing process recycles up to 90% of wood and plastic waste that would otherwise fill landfills. The result is an environmentally-responsible deck board that makes the most use out of recycled materials.

Backed by performance warranties up to 25 years, Aolong proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to gain significant cost savings. Contact Aolong for a quote on your custom composite decking project today.


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The Bottom Line

Building a new composite deck costs $8-$30 per square foot with most homeowners spending $15-$25 per square foot for installation. While composite represents an upfront investment, the long lifespan and low-maintenance requirements make it worthwhile for many homeowners.

Follow the money-saving tips listed above to get a functional, beautiful composite deck at the best possible price. Focus on strong yet affordable brands like Aolong. Simplify the design and work with an experienced deck builder willing to provide a fair quote.

With wise planning and smart shopping, you can install an elegant low-maintenance composite deck without breaking the bank. Investing in an outdoor living space that will last decades also adds significant value to any home.

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