VCT VS LVT Flooring

What is VCT Flooring

VCT flooring meaning is vinyl composite tile, it is made of mixed composition: vinyl and limestone. This one can be found in healthcare centre or any commercial application. It is spreading quickly in North America market through Home depot, Armstrong, Shaw. etc.


What is LVT Flooring

LVT flooring is short for luxury vinyl tile, as typical resilient vinyl flooring, it can be described as either of glue down, adhesive, click flooring. As multi-layer construction, LVT flooring can be durable and supply longer surface life.




First and the important is that VCT is not equal to LVT flooring. Those two vinyl flooring is totally different two concepts. Please check VCT VS LVT flooring from specification, color tone, cost, application.




Common size of VCT tile will be 12″ x 12″, lighter weight each box is suitable for transfer shipping. The size is seems as typical signal to distinguish each composite vinyl flooring line.


LVT flooring can be more size options basing on decor film accordingly. Different thickness of LVT flooring also supply varies installation way.

Length*Width (inch) 12*12 12*24,  24*24,  7*48,  9*60
Thickness (mm) 1.5,  2.0,  3.0 1.0-6.0

vct flooring


Color Tone


When it comes to VCT flooring, filled pigment composition makes surface color limited. When you check each resaler’s color brochure, it seems like vinyl sheet roll color scale.


If your designer had more color tone request, then LVT flooring will be priority choose. From printed decor film factory, flooring supplier can collect fashion trend colors and do recommendation according to buyer’s application.

Besides,as producing craft differ, VCT flooring is not same embossed surface texture like LVT flooring. It prefers flat one similar as tiles.





It takes $2.0 for each square foot, VCT flooring is cheaper covering material. It is suitable for temporary decoration ideas.


It takes $2.0-5.0 for each square foot if you choose LVT flooring. The price depends on thickness and installation way.


Not only flooring material price payment, but ongoing maintenance should be into consideration for longer service time. We do simple tips for VCT flooring maintenance:

  • Be careful for furniture moving, as VCT flooring is not anti scratch;
  • Common surface refresh waxing;
  • Quick clean if any accidental water or stain happened;

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VCT flooring is applied into commercial application as lower material cost and short installation time. Usually most public places will hire professional team to do flooring maintenance. Furthermore, VCT flooring is extremely durable from generation to generation. Even you had to do replacement job, the material and labor cost is affordable compared with other floor covering solutions.


LVT flooring can be used any residential(bedroom, washroom, kitchen) or commercial(office building, gym, coffee shop, school, hospital)places, LVT flooring allows biggest customized space from size, color, installation way.

lvt flooring


How to choose from VCT and LVT flooring

Hope we clear each points through above blog, if you don’t have so much time finish reading, you can follow the direct rules to choose between those two flooring.

1.  Check your predicted service time

Temperature time within 5 years LVT glue down flooring
5-15 years LVT flooring
More than 15 years VCT flooring


2. Check your project budget

VCT upfront cheap, high ongoing cost. LVT flooring takes the opposite way.


3. Check your installation site

Small area LVT  flooring
Big area both


4. Check your decorated design

VCT can match neutral, if you need bright surface tone, you had to choose LVT flooring.

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