Vinyl Plank Flooring: Is It Really Waterproof?

Vinyl flooring will be common flooring covering material more and more recent years.It supply varies installation way,thickness and surface decor tone.  Homeowners love vinyl plank flooring because it mimics the look of pricier materials like hardwood and natural stone, but costs a fraction of the price.No only the price,if you want to deep talk about the property of vinyl flooring,waterproof will be biggest and obvious mark.

waterproof vinyl flooring


But Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Really Waterproof?

It’s an important question if you want your new flooring to stand the test of time. No matter the website or advertising board,you can check “waterproof vinyl flooring” word instead of another

description”high water resistance viny flooring”.For the question,China Aolong Flooring gives the answer:YES.Now we will explain and expand this topic.

Why Vinyl plank flooring 100% waterproof. 

Vinyl plank flooring no matter which type,all the series material is plastic.Plastic material don’t absorb water or high moisture.So it will had none expansion if you immerse it into water for few days.If you find your installed flooring had quality problem,please inquiry relative consult to figure out the detail reason.Attributing the reason source to water immerse is without fact basis.

By comparison, other popular floors are not waterproof:

1- Laminate flooring easily absorbs moisture through its fiberboard core, causing planks to swell and warp.

2- Hardwood floor’s wood planks expand when wet, leading to cupping and gapping.

3- Carpet and padded vinyl soak up spills into the cushioned backing.

Vinyl plank flooring’s waterproof design prevents moisture from penetrating inward and damaging the floor’s structural integrity. This offers a performance advantage over standard laminate, hardwood and carpet when spills occur.




Is All Vinyl Plank Flooring 100% Waterproof?

Yes,no matter how differ the constructions are,all vinyl plank flooring will be plastic material.

Several factors can compromise vinyl plank flooring’s waterproof performance:

1- Improper installation. Gaps, poor seams, and inadequate underlayment can allow moisture intrusion.

2- Inferior quality. Cheap vinyl wears faster and loses waterproofing.

3- Physical damage. Cuts, gouges, and missing planks create entry points for water.



Improper installation


How Waterproof Are Vinyl Plank Floors In Real Life?

In real-world conditions, top-quality vinyl plank flooring handles spills, wet mopping, humidity, and leaks very well. The key is preventing excessive water exposure and promptly drying any moisture:

1- Quick wipe-ups of spills and leaks prevent absorption into vinyl seams before drying.

2- Routinely using a damp (not sopping wet) mop presents no issues for quality LVT and LVP.

3- Everyday humidity is not a concern. Vinyl plank flooring tolerates steamy bathrooms well.

4- Small appliance leaks are handled fine if dried fast. But standing water invites problems.

5- Vinyl performs better than laminate, hardwood, and carpet when exposed to same spill or leak conditions.

With proper installation and maintenance, LVT and rigid core LVP live up to their reputation for water resistance. But expecting them toemerge unscathed from flooding or ignored leaks is unrealistic. No flooring is bulletproof against severe water damage.




Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

If researching your vinyl plank flooring options,you will find popular vinyl plank flooring brand as below:

LifeProof  vinyl plank flooring

“We had a major water leak that damaged the entire first floor of our home. The LifeProof vinyl planks we had installed a year prior experienced zero issues, even after hours of standing water. We were amazed! We thought we would have to replace the floors. The contractor said LifeProof vinyl was 100% waterproof from the leak.”

COREtec vinyl plank flooring

“Overall, I’m happy with my COREtec LVP floors. They seem very durable and waterproof. Some planks have scratched from pet nails and heavy furniture, but that’s my own fault. No swelling or water damage when the sump pump failed and basement flooded. I’d buy COREtec again since it holds up well to kids and pets.”

Aolong vinyl plank flooring

“We went with Aolong rigid core vinyl plank flooring because of its waterproof reputation. It definitely lived up to it when my son spilled a gallon of milk across the living room. I was able to clean it up without harming the floor at all. Very impressed!”



Pros And Cons Of Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

No flooring option is perfect for every home. Along with the benefits, there are a few potential downsides of vinyl plank flooring to consider:


1- Withstands spills, mopping and humidity very well.

2- Offers good liquid resistance versus laminate, hardwood and carpet.

3- Affordable option with wood, tile visuals.

4- Price competitive with varies choose options.

5- DIY  installation.


1- Not as durable as wood, tile and laminate against heavy impacts.

2- Can scratch, scuff and stain over time.

3- Cheap vinyl loses waterproofing quicker.

4- Will fade with prolonged exposure to the sun.


In Closing

Thanks to its engineered composition and PVC core, quality vinyl plank flooring offers exceptional resistance to everyday household spills, wet cleaning, humidity and minor leaks. Top vinyl brands like COREtec, LifeProof, Shaw and Armstrong make durable, attractive LVT and LVP options that retain their waterproof qualities for years. No floor covering is indestructible when exposed to enough water. But for homeowners wanting an affordable, DIY-friendly floor covering with reliable water protection, vinyl plank flooring fits the bill.

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