What Color Floor Goes With Grey Walls?

Grey walls are a best choice for most modern home owners these days because of their unlimited sophistication and just how versatile they appear. Choosing the rightful colors for your home walls and tiles is an essential component,it will give your home the warmth it deserves. Grey walls are nothing short when it comes to enhancing the appearance and quality of your home. Please pay careful attention and consideration when choosing the appropriate flooring colors to compliment your gray walls. This article will delve deeper into the perfect shades of flooring that you can consider when designing your grey walled building. A combination of wall colors and flooring will make your home aesthetically pleasing.



Factors  To Consider

When Choosing  Flooring Colors Goes With Grey Walls

It is of great importance to consider the lighting in your home or space before choosing any floor color. For instance if you choose darker flooring colors they will only make your space appear smaller whilst a lighter color choice can elevate the room and make it look brighter and bigger.

Also, the color of flooring you will choose to match your gray walls should be a reflection of your style choice. Your home is your personal space and as such the style and color choices you choose should align perfectly with your ambiance and the way you ultimately want your home to appear.

Keep in mind that the more you gravitate towards a darker color shade to go with your gray walls the more they require more maintenance in terms of dust etc. However on the other hand, lighter color flooring appear brighter and require less maintenance.

Take into consideration the way your home is designed and decorated before choosing the right colors for your flooring . It is important that your color choices are in alignment with not only your gray walls but also with every element of your house to create a much more vibrant and balanced interior look.


The Best Flooring Colors Go With Grey Walls

1.Classic Oak

Classic Oak is the real definition of elegance when looking for the best wood flooring colors for your home. Modern homes gravitate towards this classic choice because it creates a high level of elegance that goes perfectly well with grey walls. It comes in two colors which are Red Oak and White Oak.

1.1White Oak

White oak is the real definition of modern luxury. For a much more warm and elegant look, white oak is the best choice to go with grey walls. It is quite versatile with a tradition yet contemporary look.

1.2Red Oak

The best way to define Red Oak wood flooring when put together with grey walls will be sophistication and Homely. There is an undeniable level of balance between grey walls and red oak wood flooring.

Classic Oak flooring



This type of wood flooring comes in various forms that is distressed oak or even hickory types. These create a much needed and beautiful contrast when they are paired with grey walls. They also create a rustic finish which aides in making the home much more cozy and inviting.

Distressed flooring


3.Light ash

Light ash wood flooring is the perfect fit for any minimalist. This particular type of wood flooring provides an aesthetically appealing look when paired with grey walls. The combination does not require you to do too much in the room. They just make every space cozy and comfortable. If your personality is laid back, simple but sleek with a dash of sophistication then this will be the perfect combination wood flooring to provide a minimalistic and contemporary appeal .

Light ash wood flooring


4.Light Maple

Light Maple wood flooring are the best flooring options especially in rooms with high light intensity. Their cream color options simply brighten any space and makes it much more wide and open. Most modern homes prefer this type of wood flooring color to pair with grey walls because they create a great deal of harmony when put together.

Light Maple wood flooring


5.Rich Walnut

A real definition of luxury and unique style is what makes this rich walnut wood flooring the best choice. This combination of grey walls and rich walnut wood flooring gives of a high sense of luxury and comfort.The wide range of brown tones to choose from makes it an excellent and attractive choice for high end spaces and luxurious homes.


Rich Walnut flooring


6.Dark Ebony

Forget about minimalistic spaces, dark ebony wood flooring is bold and when paired with grey walls gives off a dramatic effect.The deep, nearly black hues of ebony create a powerful contrast with grey, giving your space a striking, high-contrast look. This pairing is ideal for those who want to make a bold but yet, modern statement and add an element of luxury to their interior design.

Dark Ebony flooring


7.Exotic Cherry

Cherry wood floors are popularly known for their reddish-brown tones and unique patterns. When they are combined with grey walls, cherry wood floors create a dynamic, high-contrast look that gives off class and warmth. This choice is ideal for spaces where you want to make a statement and create a sense of richness and opulence.

Exotic Cherry flooring


Conclusively, it is quite important that you take careful considerations when choosing the rightful color choices for your grey walls. This will not only give your space that coziness and warmth but will also elevate the overall interior look of your house. Ranging from classic oak to exotic cherry colors, when paired perfectly with grey walls, be rest assured that you will achieve a much pleasant look.

For above suggested wood style you can seek both timber flooring and vinyl flooring.The first one will be natural and price higher one,the next vinyl flooring will be emulated wood one and reasonable price one.If you still feel confusion about which stype to match with grey walls,welcome send pictures to us or inquiry consults around you.

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