What Is EVP flooring ?

When we mention about “EVP flooring”, how many percentage person can know what that flooring is. Even you are doing vinyl flooring business for long period years, maybe you will not hear about it. Aolong blog always keep releasing new innovation in flooring field no matter in China or oversea market. If you still confused “what is the EVP flooring” after reading all, welcome contact us to get more picture or video guide.

evp vinyl floor

What Is EVP flooring

EVP flooring is short as engineered vinyl flooring, which means this flooring series is out of laminate or wood flooring group. Strictly speaking, EVP flooring is fiberboard vinyl flooring. Broadly speaking, EVP flooring can be any heterogeneous layer flooring type. That is the reason if some blogs doing recommendation for EVP flooring, you will find they are talking about SPC or WPC flooring in essence. While in this blog, we name EVP flooring will combine laminate and vinyl flooring.

EVP flooring construction:

  • UV coating
  • Wear layer
  • Decor film
  • Fiberboard core
  • Backing layer

* EVP also was known by enhanced vinyl flooring which referred to WPC flooring.

Please inquiry more from local seller for detail to judge what this product is.

While recognition of different countries will do different classification. So EVP flooring will have mix concept with other series. If we compared EVP flooring with higher awareness RVP or LVP flooring, we need equal it to fiberboard core flooring one. Or it will be meaning less for comparison as below. Let’s check detail difference.


Engineered layer during EVP flooring is fiberboard core. RVP flooring represents rigid core, RVP flooring is same concept with SPC flooring which is known by mass market. Even so, we still respect EVP will be referred to RVP flooring recognition. As the core of EVP flooring will also be deemed into rigid core to do SPC flooring promotion.


The difference still should be focused on the core, as fiberboard and PVC layer will supply different thickness options. EVP flooring will be around 8.0 mm while LVP flooring will be 4.0-6.0 mm, but both series is click floating installation which is very suitable for DIY family.

rvp floor


Why EVP Flooring Comes

Vinyl and laminate flooring take important role at various times. Till now, vinyl flooring, especially typical SPC flooring, has been hot sold around each corner of the world. Laminate flooring had black core waterproof series as the second generation, as the market of traditional HDF flooring is shrinking.

Short to say, engineered vinyl flooring is one of hardwood alternatives that may be a good space decoration choose.

China Flooring always keep revolution as the whole society is making the progress, combining each flooring type advantage, EVP flooring can be also break the price competitive situation for common 4.0 mm SPC flooring. There is also one point to show that bigger thickness flooring is one of the market feedback and pursuit. As Aolong international sales team will do market research though relative professional exhibition and oversea field trip. We dare to say bigger thickness will be trend such as 8.0 or 9.0 mm.

hollow evp floor



Is EVP flooring waterproof ?

Yes. As the fiberboard is special glue pressed. If lose waterproof performance, this series product will lack of competitive in mass market.

How much EVP flooring ?

USD 4-8 per square foot. Here is the thing, this flooring had none or even less maintenance cost compared with wood flooring.

Is EVP flooring internal or external used ?

Definitely internal used, as external used will fading long time sun exposure.

How to do maintenance for EVP flooring ?

Follow the simple common sense how to do maintenance for vinyl flooring. During flooring used long period, please assure with none expansion and shrink issue, don’t worry, you will not concern about repair flooring issue.

Can EVP flooring will be LVT click one ?

From search first page rank blogs, EVP flooring can be SPC, WPC, LVT one, any different layer flooring can be known as EVP flooring. We respect this classification.

Which group is suitable to buy EVP flooring ?

If you are looking for simulating wood surface and comfortable underfoot feeling. This will make EVP flooring prominent than engineered wood flooring. Actually EVP flooring have wide range commercial and residential applications. The only concern is to check if the price match with your budget, if the surface color can match with your whole new space style.


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