What Is SPC Flooring – Why Choose It

Over the last decade, SPC flooring has rapidly emerged as one go-to vinyl flooring option for residential and commercial spaces alike. SPC flooring is the hottest sold part in China Aolong Flooring.But how many person can figure out difference with other vinyl flooring. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about stone polymer composite flooring.


What Is SPC Flooring


SPC stands for “stone plastic composite”. It refers to a special type of rigid core vinyl flooring.

During production, the core ingredients are fused together under high heat and pressure to create an extremely dense, durable core. This stone-polymer core (SPC) is what sets this flooring apart from other vinyl options.

The finished layers together create a waterproof flooring product capable of emulating premium surfaces like hardwood, tile and stone. Thanks to its protective top layers and rigid core, SPC flooring resists wear, scratches, dents and moisture.

spc flooring


The Sturucture Of SPC Flooring


If you ever wondered what is the structure of SPC flooring, then it is important to note that it is constructed with layered process. These layers put together give a good looking called SPC.

1.UV Coating

This is the layer that protects the floor from discoloration which can be mostly caused by direct sunlight penetration.

2.Wear Layer

Wear layer is a thin transparent layer that covers the top surface of vinyl plank to prevent damages. 0.3mm wear layer is enough for home used or light traffic public area.

3.Decore Film

This is the aesthetic layer, resulting in a well projected pattern and texture of the SPC vinyl floor.

4.SPC Core Base Layer

The core base is the base foundation of stone power and pvc resin. This results in a reinforced and durable core finish.

5.SPC Underlay

In order to achieve a soft finish and ensure noise reduction, an underlayment is an optional element that can be installed.

SPC flooring core is very hard and this makes it durable, waterproof,it can be designed in many different patterns. Its strong core and excellent production procedures contribute to its capacity to withstand heavy foot traffic, prevent scratches and stains and retain its attractiveness over time.

What is the sturucture of the SPC


Pros & Cons Of SPC Flooring



There are several reasons why SPC has gained favor among homeowners, property managers and contractors alike:

Waterproof Construction:

The fused limestone-PVC core of SPC planks is impervious to water penetration. Spills and accidents pose no threat to SPC flooring, making it ideal for kitchens, baths, basements and any area prone to moisture.

Superior Durability:

SPC’s rigid core structure allows it to stand up to heavy foot traffic, unprotected furniture legs, active pets, dropped dishware and everyday wear and tear. While all quality vinyl flooring are durable, SPC’s dense core takes it to the next level.

Low-Maintenance Care:

Thanks to their protective wear layer, SPC floors only need an occasional sweep and damp mopping to keep them looking fresh. Unlike real hardwood, they do not require refinishing or waxing over time.

Comfortable Underfoot:

The SPC core provides a sturdy feel, while the attached underlayment layer offers a slight cushion. Optional added underlayment can make SPC floors even more comfortable and quiet.

Straightforward DIY Installation:

SPC flooring use an easy “click-together” mechanism to float over virtually any existing hard surface. No nails, glue or special tools needed!

Budget-Friendly Investment:

SPC flooring provide the elegant look of natural stone, hardwood or tile for a fraction of the cost. Underlayment is also optional.

Realistic Wood & Stone Visuals:

From authentic wood looks to slate, travertine and marble designs, SPC flooring showcase visuals that match the real thing. Advanced printing techniques allow very convincing textures.


The signature SPC core ensures each plank keeps its shape and dimensions despite temperature changes or fluctuations in humidity. SPC flooring will not expand or contract like natural wood.

With this winning blend of strength, waterproofing, affordability and design versatility, it’s no wonder SPC has converted so many into vinyl flooring fans.


a) The rigid nature of SPC flooring makes the surfaces more harder than usual. This may not prove to be as comfortable when compared to other vinyl floors like PVC.

b) SPC flooring container loading quantity is limited as its weight,so light SPC flooring is on research and practise period in China.

c) Once a plank is damaged,you need replace big area flooring till the corner.

spc flooring waterproof


SPC Flooring Patterns & Styles


One of the most exciting aspects of SPC flooring is the vast range of available looks and textures.

Wood Grains:

Mimic old-growth oak, hickory, exotic Brazilian walnut, weathered barnwood and other natural species. Different plank widths and lengths create tailored looks.

Tile & Stone:

Selections recreate the visuals and feels of travertine, marble, slate, limestone and concrete with authentic surface variation. Popular options include 12”x24” slate-effect tiles and faux grouted stone.


Styles range from retro black and white checkerboard designs to Southwest-inspired geometric patterns. Bold textures and colors craft unique decors.


Finishes embody the industrial chic look blending color variation and utilitarian lines. Grey concrete visuals contrast beautifully with walls, cabinets and décor.

Wood & Stone Mixes:

Combine the aesthetics of different materials for contrast within a space. A slate kitchen island paired with barnwood-look planks makes a fashionable statement.

With styles customizable down to the texture, finish, board dimension and beveling, SPC liberates designers to bring virtually any flooring vision to life.

spc flooring pattern


SPC Flooring Installing & Caring


One of the joys of SPC flooring is how effortless installation and maintenance can be:


SPC flooring uses a simple floating click-lock system to piece planks together without nails, glue or excessive tools. Most DIYers find SPC floors a dream to install, especially compared to finicky hardwoods or tedious tile setting.


The protective vinyl layer allows spills to be easily wiped up.Fixed time cleaning is enough with easy tools.


If unexpected flooding or a plumbing leak does occur, SPC flooring suffers no damage. With other flooring materials, flooded areas would require complete replacement.


While a damaged plank can be cut out and replaced, SPC floors are remarkably resistant to dents and scratches in the first place, retaining their pristine look year after year.

With minimal care, SPC floors maintain their refined appearance while withstanding kids, parties, pets and everything busy life dishes out.

spc flooring Install


When Should Choose SPC Flooring


Thanks to its unbeatable combination of strength, waterproof construction and design flexibility, SPC floors are ideally suited for:


SPC withstands spills, dripping appliances, pet accidents and heavy foot traffic while providing a sleek, clean look. Popular kitchen styles include wood-look planks and natural stone/slate tile effects.


With its 100% waterproof structure, SPC flooring excels in humid, wet bath environments prone to splashing. Grouted tile visuals boost the spa ambiance.

Basements & Laundry Rooms:

Cold, hard concrete basement slabs become warm and welcoming with SPC flooring. Its waterproof nature also brings peace of mind against basement flooding and laundry mishaps.

Stores, Offices & Restaurants:

SPC’s durability and scratch-resistance make it an excellent choice for heavy retail, office and restaurant foot traffic. Chic wood or abstract designs convey warmth in commercial spaces.

Rental Units & Flips:

Property managers and house flippers install SPC flooring to add stylish, durable floors able to handle renter turnover and day-to-day wear for years to come.

Beneath Carpeting:

Opting for SPC beneath wall-to-wall carpeting provides moisture protection and a sturdy surface in case carpets need replacement down the road.

Boat& RV:

In marine and RV environments, SPC offers waterproof resilience against rocking motions, foot impacts, weather and temperature fluctuations.

Scratch-resistant, stable and completely waterproof – SPC has proven itself as a versatile flooring solution for active homes, demanding commercial settings, and damp environments alike.


Why Choose SPC Flooring


Compared to alternate flooring materials, SPC floors boast several meaningful advantages:

Vs. Laminate:

SPC flooring is 100% waterproof while laminate flooring can swell and warp when wet.

Vs. Hardwood:

SPC flooring maintains its looks without need for refinishing. It remains stable when temperatures and humidity fluctuate. SPC flooring is also a fraction of the price of genuine hardwood.

Vs. Carpet:

SPC is easier to clean and sanitize while resisting moisture, mold. Carpet stains and shows wear sooner. SPC flooring makes an excellent alternative in basements, baths, kitchens and entryways.

Vs. Tile:

SPC flooring installation is faster and easier without the need for precise subfloor prep, mortaring, grouting or specialized tools. Shipping cost will be cheaper as relative light weight.



Discovering The Best SPC Flooring Brands


While SPC flooring has soared in popularity, not all SPC flooring is created equal. Be sure to select quality SPC flooring backed by warranties from reputable brands. Some names to look for include:

  • Armstrong
  • COREtec
  • Hausmann’s
  • Knoas
  • NovaCore (Novalis)
  • Repellex
  • Tranquility (Metroflor)

Aolong specializes in premium SPC flooring combining striking aesthetics, long-term performance and fair prices for residential and commercial settings. Learn more about Aolong SPC Flooring.


Experience The Benefits Of SPC Flooring


With its unrivaled strength, waterproof structure, extensive designs and easy upkeep, SPC flooring has cemented itself as a go-to flooring solution for 21st-century homes and businesses.This guide has aimed to provide a comprehensive look at what exactly SPC flooring is, how it compares to alternatives, the stunning styles possible and how it benefits spaces of all kinds.

For those seeking vinyl flooring able to withstand kids, parties, pets, furniture, moisture and heavy impacts without compromising on beauty, SPC flooring is an optimal choice deserving a top spot on your options list.To learn more and request free flooring samples, contact Aolong – a professional SPC flooring manufacturer trusted by homeowners, contractors, designers and property managers across the nation.You will have chance to check quality of Aolong SPC flooring,call us right now to confirm the sample in detail!


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