What Is UV Resistant Vinyl Flooring?

UV-resistant vinyl flooring

UV-resistant vinyl flooring is actual a new technology in flooring industry that is designed to prevent the destructive effects of sunshine to flooring surfaces. This new innovation has improved the life-span for vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors with uv-resistant can withstand extensive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation without sacrificing durability, color or quality. The sunrises can affect vinyl floors in many ways, they can damage flooring colors or pattern layer into a faded low quality surface area. In this article, we are going to explore the advantage of purchasing a UV-resistant vinyl flooring then others.



UV Rays

Firstly, we need to clearly understand what exactly is “UV-resistant floor”. UV rays, short for Ultraviolet rays, is a kind of electromagnetic radiation released by the sunlight. Although they are invisible to human eyes, their influence on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight can cause a variety of problems, most notably on flooring. The biggest advantage of UV-resistant vinyl flooring is its capacity to withstand this kind of damage effects of sunshine, which is critical for area that get a lot of natural sunlight, such as outdoor decks, patios or rooms with large windows. This makes UV-coated vinyl flooring the best type of flooring on areas that receives heavy sun rays.

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UV-coated vinyl flooring can be applied on PVC, SPC and even different type of other flooring surfaces. This chemical coating, provides toughness to the flooring surface, and protecting the coloring on the flooring. When sunlight is directly exposed to a UV-coated vinyl floor, the unique chemical coating of acrylic or urethane reacts, hardening and forms a protective coating on the floor surface. The coating also have stabilizers, which act as extra assistants, protecting the floor from solar radiation damages, which includes floor color changing or color fading. These helps to ensure that the floor remains robust against the sun for an extended period of time.



Tips For Buying UV-Resistant Vinyl Flooring

Aolong Flooring has vast experience applying UV coatings to many different kinds of flooring. We’ve developed PVC vinyl flooring, SPC vinyl flooring, LVT vinyl flooring, LVP vinyl flooring and WPC decking. The use of UV chemical coating technology improves the life of our vinyl floors greatly. Our confidence in durability is reflected in our guarantee conditions, assuring client pleasure. We provide OEM services for those seeking specific UV-coating thicknesses or customized UV-coating applications tailored to their needs. We highly recommend floor buyers to pay close attention when buying vinyl floors. Below are some of the tip you can use when purchasing UV-resistant vinyl flooring.

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Manufacturer Information

At Aolong we recommend you begin by examining the manufacturer’s product information for any type of flooring. Reading closely the product specifications or technical information listed on the box or on the manufacturer’s website is very important. If the flooring provides UV protection or resistance, they frequently emphasize it.

Physical Examination

It is also possible to check your vinyl flooring surface if it is coated with UV-coating or not. UV-coated flooring is often glossy or semi-glossy in appearance. A glossy or reflective surface may indicate the presence of a UV coating.

Technical Data

Consult with a Professional

If you’re unsure, consult with a flooring professional or expert. They can provide insights into the characteristics or features of the flooring, including UV protection.

Consult An Engineer In Aolong

In conclusion, UV-resistant vinyl flooring represents a significant advancement in the flooring business, offering substantial protection against the destructive effects of sunshine. This advancement has significantly increased the lifespan of vinyl flooring, maintaining its resilience and keeping colors and patterns even when subjected to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV-resistant flooring protects against the sun’s harmful rays, avoiding color fading and surface damage. It’s especially useful in locations that get a lot of sunshine, such as outdoor decks or rooms with lots of windows. UV treatments on many flooring surfaces improve their toughness and color retention. At Aolong Flooring, our extensive expertise in UV-coated flooring, guarantees the durability of our products. We encourage vinyl flooring buyers to carefully review manufacturer details, visually examine for glossiness or seek guidance from flooring experts.

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